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  1. I've studied the question and wrote an article on my blog with my findings, which you can find here You can also admire great astro pictures done with Fuji cameras, most of them unmodded! As you can see, they don't need any modding In short: the Fujifilm cameras use the same Sony IMX sensors that you can find in modern Nikon & Sony cameras, as well as ZWO, QHY... cameras. So the naked sensor is as sensitive as it can be. Unlike other brands though, the UV/IR cut filter used by Fujifilm seems more permissive than what other brands use. I have no idea why, but perhaps that's linked to their weird X-Trans pattern? The only explanation I have found is quite old, and only tested first generation cameras, but you can clearly see the effect by comparing these stock cameras at 656nm. Also, judging by the pictures postes in this Facebook group, newer Fuji cameras seem to be still very sensitive to Ha, so I don't think they have changed their UV/IR cut filter. As you can see, a stock Fujifilm camera does a better job at 656nm than Canon cameras. However, it's fairly easy and cheap to mod a Canon DSLR, and once modded, I'm sure it rivals or even surpasses the stock Fujifilm ones. You could mod your Fuji camera of course, but that's really expensive (~£250/300) and probably not worth it. Not to mention that most Canon cameras are compatible with all astro capture software, which is a big advantage. For Fujifilm, there is 0 software support, sadly, since they have no public SDK. You're stuck with the good old remote control And, the additional RAF conversion step, which complicates a bit the post-processing phase. All in all, I'm super happy with my Fujifilm cameras. They're a joy to use, the colours are gorgeous, and I use them much more often than my older Nikon DSLR. Are they better than Canon for astro? I don't think so, but they're certainly less usable, due to software restrictions. But in terms of image quality, they're as good as any modern camera STC is the only manufacturer that makes clip-in filters for Fuji cameras. Take a look here! https://stcoptics.com/en/clip_list/available-fujifilmx/ However, it seems that the 16mm 1.4 isn't compatible with the filter. I have no idea why some lenses are and some others aren't. Perhaps because something is protruding too much inside the sensor cavity?
  2. Indeed, a very good lens! I also enjoyed using it for daytime photography, but then I got a 100-400 for my Fujifilm camera. I think Canon makes awesome and affordable telephoto lenses, like the 200/2.8, 300/4 and 400/5.6. I would have kept it, but the RedCat is a more versatile option for me, and with better optics when it comes to astro. Nice collection of lenses you have there, Magnus!
  3. Hello! Since I recently acquired a RedCat 51, I no longer need some of my Canon lenses. Therefore, I'm letting go this nice Canon 300mm F/4L USM (EF mount). It's the first version, without image stabilisation. Optics are in great condition, without any scratch, mushroom, etc. The exterior shows some sign of use. One thing to note: the lens hood doesn't lock anymore, which means that if you're imaging the sky, it's going to slide down. This can easily be fixed with a few rubber bands though The lens comes with its foot, front and back caps. Price: £360 (including shipping to EU - DHL tracked & insured). The item is located in Germany. As usual, a few pictures (the red dovetail bar isn't included):
  4. Carole, I might be wrong but it looks to me that the foot can be removed. TS Optics sells a copy of the Geoptik adapter, and in their product pictures I can see 2 hex bolts under the foot. Have you tried removing them, to see if it solves the issue with your filter wheel? You might even be able to mount it back, in reverse position, to install red dot finder for instance. Hope that helps! https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p7835_TS-Optics-CCD-Kamera-Adapter-mit-T2-Anschluss-fuer-Canon-EOS-Objektive.html
  5. Hello everyone, I'm letting go some gear that I'm not using enough, and this 1.4x teleconverter is one of the designated volunteers! It's the Canon Extender EF 1.4x version 1. It's in good condition, and obviously shows some signs of wear. Optically though, it's still in excellent shape! It comes with the front and rear caps. The price is £105 (including shipping to UK/EU, DHL tracked & insured), the item being located in Munich. Payment via PayPal or bank transfer. Let me know if you have any question Cheers, Pierre
  6. When they're not radioactive, Soviet lenses are a joy to use! I'm still using some cheap LTM lenses on my digital and film cameras, they have a lot of character and some delicious defects Sometimes, I find today's lenses too perfect. I haven't tried M42 lenses yet though, but heard good things about the Helios 44-2 and its bokeh. I might give it a try!
  7. Yes, it has 16 blades! It's really an unusual design. Back in the day, you could purchase the "FOTOSNAIPER" kit, featuring this funny looking handle/trigger. I can't imagine using this combo today, in some countries you would probably get shot!
  8. Hello! I am selling this dovetail bar from William Optics, because it is not compatible with my new ADM saddle. It is in great condition, as you can see below Quick note regarding the compatibility issue I have: I'm using this ADM saddle on my AZ-GTi. Sadly, the dovetail bar is not large enough (about 1-2mm short) and the saddle can't hold it. Apparently, this is the version 1 from William Optics, and they have updated the design recently to make it slightly larger at the base. So, I'm not sure whether this bar is compatible with your own saddle, better check the specifications below! But I think this issue is really specific to the ADM one. Price: 20€ or £17 + shipping from Germany (with DHL) Let me know if you have any questions! Pierre
  9. Hello! A few months ago, I've found this old soviet lens, a 300mm f/4.5 Tair 3S. It has a M42 mount (note: M42 x 1mm, not M42 x 0.75mm). For some unknown reason though, the aperture mechanism stopped working shortly after I got the lens, and the blades got stuck. Turning the aperture ring doesn't do anything anymore. Apart from that, everything else is in very good condition, especially the optics, and the (strange) focuser seems to work well. The lens comes with its front (metallic) and read (plastic) caps. You can easily mount it to a dovetail, as it has a built in 3/8" mounting hole (the 2 smaller holes you can see on the pictures are not threaded). Since those lenses are built like tanks and fully manual, I'm pretty sure it can be repaired (perhaps by removing the aperture blades completely, if the lens is dedicated for astro work?). Which is why I'm giving away the lens for free, given the low price I bought it for, and hoping that someone with the right tools and more talented hands than mine would be interested All I'm asking in return, is for the potential new owner to pay for the shipping costs. With DHL from Munich, where I live, it should be around 10€ if you reside within EU. I'm not sure for UK, as it's still listed as within EU on DHL's website, but it shouldn't be that much more expensive. Anyway, we can arrange the payment once you received the lens. As you can see here, it's a good performer for astrophotography. Too bad I didn't have the time to test it by myself! Here are a few pictures Let me know if you'd like additional pictures or information. Cheers, Pierre
  10. Just noticed the Cat 51 accepts 55mm filters in front of the scope. That's very convenient for me, I had a spare 58mm LP filter that I can now use with the Cat, thanks to a 55-58 step-up filter Here is a picture!
  11. As far as I know, they don't Mounted 1.25" and 2" filters seem to be the most standard sizes for all of these, if not the only available.
  12. I've heard complaints about that adapter, the locking pin breaking and the lens being stuck in the adapter... Probably not the safest option for Nikon/Canon lenses. The consensus seems to be that the Geoptik adapter (and the TS Optics variant, that only exists for Canon for some reason) are a much better bet. They're twice the price, but apparently much more solid. And they come with a foot for easy mounting. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p2837_Geoptik-Adaptor-for-Nikon-lenses-to-T2-for-CCD-cameras---w--1-4--thread.html Other than that, my ZWO adapter works well so far! I just hope it won't break at some point...
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