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  1. As I said before i'll probably go ahead and camp on Brockway mountain! But thank you for your suggestions!
  2. Bortle 5? Well I hope you have fun in France where it has less light pollution!
  3. Actually, as I was looking at a light pollution map, I'll probably go ahead and camp on Brockway Mountain. It has no light pollution so it'll be great!
  4. I will live on the 4th floor in the apartment, and I will be taking the scope to this one national park (I forgot what it was called) to solve the light pollution issue And I also love 10" Dobs! The only problem is that I can't get one! (yet)
  5. Thank you very much! And also a BIG thank you to everyone that spent their time to help me! Clear Skies To You All! -Jason
  6. In a couple of days i'll be there! And thank you very much! That's very kind of you!
  7. Even now with my little 3" reflector i'm blown away with the views that it gives me! Just imagine an 8"!
  8. OK then, do you know of any canadian marketplace to buy telescopes from? Thanks a bunch!
  9. My old(er scope, actually not even that old) is the Skywatcher Astrolux AZ-1, and it is a really good telescope! And no, I was never tempted to change or even buy new eyepieces, I really liked them!
  10. Hello! there's no need to apologize! after all, you're just trying to help, and I really appreciate it! But I've already sold my 1 scope already, so it's not much of an issue for me! But thank you for your suggestion! Clear Skies, Jason
  11. Hello! Thank you very much! I won't need to buy more eyepieces, 'cause my old newtonian Skywatcher scope has a 25mm Super plossl eyepiece and a 10mm super plossl, plus a 2x multicoated barlow lens! Again, thanks a bunch! Clear Skies, Jason
  12. 1500 CAD$ is a bit too much! But thank you for your suggestions! Clear Skies, Jason
  13. Not yet, but I will get one shortly after I arrive there. Also, are these 2 telescopes good enough? And if so which one's better? https://optcorp.com/products/orion-skyquest-xt8-classic-dobsonian-telescope-kit https://optcorp.com/products/sky-watcher-classic-200p Clear Skies, Jason
  14. This won't be my first scope! in fact it will be my 3rd! I know how the sky moves and some of the constellations, as I said before i'm not that new to the hobby (probably been in it for a year or so)
  15. OK, 1. I'll be moving to toronto soon (which unfortunately means lots and lots of light pollution!) 2. As I said above (For observing and for astrophotography) 3. No, i'm not a beginner 4. Portability will kind of be an issue 'cause I will be living in an apartment
  16. Observing and Imaging! (I'm beginning to really like astrophotography!)
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