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  1. Hey guys! A friend of mine has recently gone into astronomy, and would like to purchase the same scope I bought (Skywatcher Astrolux) But after doing more research he found another telescope made from bresser. The scope's name is Bresser Venus 76/700 reflector telescope. He would like to know which one is better, so he won't waste any money! His budget is 110€! And because I don't really know how to answer this question, because I'm kind of a newbie, I came to you guys for help!
  2. Thank you! I will update with pics once i get it!
  3. Hello! I would like to inform you that i was bidding on the Sky-Watcher Astrolux AZ-1 on ebay, and i won! In total I payed 33.98€! That is way under my original budget (80€)! What I came here to say is a big thank you to everyone that has helped me through my stargazing journey! I really appreciate it! Clear skies to you all! - Jason
  4. Hello! Thank you for your answer but I do not own an Explorer 130! I wish! Though, I have found a good deal on ebay for the Sky-Watcher Astrolux Az-1, and because i've noticed that Sky-Watcher is a very respected brand, should i go for it? Thank you!
  5. Hey! Unfortunately, as i was about to win the bid someone bidded immediately, and i lost!
  6. Hey guys! I have found an auction of the Sky-Watcher Explorer 130 for 40 euros plus 30 shipping to Greece on ebay! Is this telescope really good and what can i expect to see with it? Plus, i really hope I win it!
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