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  1. Anthony RS

    Primary Mirror Clips

    Major Update: I removed the mirror and tightened the clips till they touched the mirror basically. Tried collimating again and the collimation didn't even budge a hair. So I guess I'll have to experiment to see how much can I loosen the clips without messing the collimation and pray that the clips don't cause any pinching... But that makes me wonder, every single post or site mentions how the clips shouldn't be tight and shouldn't be touching the mirror and that they're there just to keep the mirror from falling but that doesn;t seem to be the case here; and I wonder how many of u guys tried to do the test I've done which is to move the scope around while collimating and check what happens. I'd be interested to hear the results.
  2. Anthony RS

    Primary Mirror Clips

    If I use the laser with the barlow, the same thing happens but what's interesting is that the dot on the primary doesn't move when i move the scope which I think eliminates any slop in the focuser, laser, adapters... which means the primary mirror or the cell is the issue...
  3. Anthony RS

    Primary Mirror Clips

    The cell looks sturdy enough. It's definitely the mirror moving.
  4. Anthony RS

    Primary Mirror Clips

    Celestron's 8 inch newtonian f5
  5. Anthony RS

    Primary Mirror Clips

    I don't know what that means I'll upload a couple of photos in a bit
  6. Anthony RS

    Primary Mirror Clips

    Ok so I just did a simple test. I'm using a barlowed laser collimator to collimate the primary. I collimated on a flat service perfectly and while leaving the laser on slewed the scope to about 45 deg. and the collimation just went way out. This is definitely not how it should be. I can even feel the mirror moving. The clips are almost touching so if I tighten them more I guess that would be too tight? What should I do?
  7. Anthony RS

    Primary Mirror Clips

    Ok but should they be touching the mirror? I mean if I don't tighten the clips but tighten them just enough so they barely touch the mirror to prevent it from tilting and to prevent any slop, would that be fine?
  8. Hello! I just checked my Newtonian's primary mirror clips and they were really tight (from factory). I loosened them a bit (fits a business card or a bit less) but I noticed when I move the mirror from facing the ground to facing the ceiling, the mirror is moving inside the cell ( towards the ground it's touching the clips, and towards the ceiling it's not) which if I'm not mistaken could lead to tilting the mirror and losing collimation when using the scope on the field? Is that normal or should I tighten the clips a bit more? From what I read, the mirror should be able to rotate inside its cell so maybe I should tighten the clips just so the mirror can still rotate but not tilt (up & down) when it moves? Appreciate any help on the subject. Cheers! -Anthony
  9. Anthony RS

    Help, spacing with a tilter.

    Yep read the thread plenty of times, nothing helped me. Most of the users were using it for visual mainly.
  10. Anthony RS

    Help, spacing with a tilter.

    and yes I did try an all threaded imaging train. the result is the RAW image i attached. It was actually slightly better than with the unthreaded configuration but still the result was unacceptable. The problem with an all-threaded configuration is that as yuou said I won't be able to frame my images. As for the focuser, it is the worse you can get, the stock rack and pinion shitty focuser But as you can see in the CC Inspector analysis above, tilt is minimal but could still be the problem which is why I might invest in a TA if it works with my setup. IF you have any other ideas regarding my issue I would be really grateful. I've been fighting this for 2 years now. THe main problem is one side of my images always has terrible coma, and the whole image suffers from terrible CA.
  11. Anthony RS

    Help, spacing with a tilter.

    Ouf! You can't imagine how many threads I've opened regarding this issue. I've been trying to solve my problem for 2 years now. Recently I've replaced my GSO CC with the aplanatic one hoping the GSO was defected ( a sign of that is huge and totally unacceptable chromatic aberration. A star would literally appear as 3 stars each with a different color. Tried all possible spacings from 55 to 85 in 1mm increments...). I'm still waiting for the new CC to test it. If it doesn't work, i would use the tilter to try and remove the tilt. If that doesn't work either, i'll upgrade the focuser. I know there are some tests I could do to determine whether the tilt is from the sensor or the focuser, but so far i couldn't really do them from reasons i don't want to bore you with. Plus after some tinkering done on the focuser to make it sturdier, i took a CCDInspector analysis and came with the results in the image below. It showed only 5% tilt (my friend using the same scope has 27% tilt and has perfect stars with his Baader CC). The worrying part is the curvature which is huge, which made me consider the CC was either defective or terrible.
  12. Anthony RS

    Help, spacing with a tilter.

    that's what I'm trying to find out
  13. Hello, I'm having some tilt issues with my gear, probably from the camera's sensor. I'm using an 8 inch newtonian with a dslr and the skywatcher f4 aplanatic 2 inch coma corrector. My question is if I buy a tilter like this one https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php?products_id=4744#cs, how will I be able to achieve the right spacing between the DSLR and the CC? The required spacing for this CC is 55 mm which I already get by using just the m48 t-ring adapter (11mm + 44m dslrbackfocus). Won't the tilter increase the spacing by another 11mm? Unless I completely misunderstood how the tilter mechanism works, please let me know if there's any way I can make it work without changing the spacing between the DSLR and the CC. Thanks, Anthony
  14. Anthony RS

    AVX - Is that Normal??!!

    Hello! I've just discovered that there is slop on the AVX's DEC motor gear. Is that normal or should it be fixed and how? Here's a video of what's happening: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dbnoeurcjwek6oi/t_video5773885571516597566.mp4?dl=0 Cheers! -Anthony

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