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  1. hi, thanks Stephan! Do you have any tip to purchase this seben zoom ? It seems to me it is not sold anymore, i was not able to find it on amazon, nor ebay...only the omegon one which is twice the price, thanks! patrick
  2. ok, thanks a lot ! I will then first practice and train myself, i wouldnt' be surprised that my sons learns faster as I will do...:)
  3. Hi, Marcus I am from France. i don't wear glasses, thanks your calculation how much time we have to see the planet dependant from the field is amazing!! I am a beginner, i hope i will undertsand and be able to do it later one. OK so no zoom eyepiece. Yes pproblem is we are 3 around the telescope, myself plus my two boys, so time is going one very rapidly to not loose the planet form the fiels to fast....Yesterday evening i get quite nervous.....found saturn on the 25mm, thought i get it also with the 10mm + barlow, let the place to my first son and nothing more to see....and i am not so experienced, once i losed it, i need to go back to the 25mm eyepiece and so one.... I bought that telescope last year so the idea was this year to purchase a better eyepiece, that i could alos use laterone with another telescope?
  4. Hi, thanks a lot for your fast answer! Very helpful! Yes indeed I also have the 25mm eyepiece, a 2 time achro barlow lens from Omegon plus a 40mm super possl from Meade serie 4000, that a collegue of mine gave me recently. I get that flexible heritage last year. For the time beeing, i observes with my children the moon and try also saturn. The moon is fine and quite well defined even with the 10mm lens, with or without the barlow. But since the summer we tried to do more observation on planets, and this is where we came into troubles...the 10mm lens has a to small field of view for us, the time that I fix a planet, saturn for exemple, with the 25mm eyeview, then go on the 10mm, and we only have i would say 1minute before it's gone...and with my two boys it is really hard to make observations... Therefore i was looking on...i would say my dream would be a zoom with a large, very large field of view, something like 70° or more....but probably to heavy and very expensive... If i only purchase a 4mm, you mentioned the 4mm HR planetary with 58°, would you have another model with some more field? if more expensive, I would then focus on this one and not buy the whole pieces. But then i may also come on a probleme if it is to heavy for this flexible tube? thanks again:)
  5. Hi, does anybody knows what is the maximum eyepiece weight on a 130mm heritagage flexitube? I would like to invest on a better and with broader view eyepiece than the original 10mm lens, and i wonder if a Morpheus or something like that is ok or to heavy for the flexitube...? thanks a lot!
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