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  1. Reflector GSO 305mm f/4. Skywatcher AZ/EQ-6. Canon 6D mod. Baader MKIII coma corrector. 60 x 80 ISO 2000. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. 12/09/2018. Cometa09-12-18.mpg
  2. Thank you very much for choosing my photos. I feel extremely honored by it!
  3. This gigantic planetary nebula, also known as The Helix, is sometimes called the "Eye of God"! Reflector GSO 305mm f/4. Canon 6d mod. Baader MKIII coma corrector. Optolong cls-ccd filter. 20 x 300 ISO 1600. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. 11/3/2018.
  4. Thanks Peter, this cluster is really fantastic, both in photo and visual observation.
  5. The biggest and brightest cluster in the night sky! Omega Centauri can be easily observed with the naked eye in a dark sky. In the eyepiece, it's just fantastic! Telescope GSO 305mm f / 4. Skywatcher AZ / EQ-6. Original Canon 6D Camera. CLS-CCD filter. Baader MKIII. 39 x 60 ISO 1600. Piraí / RJ - Brazil. September 2, 2018.
  6. Thank you cletrac1922. Very interesting the text that you indicated!
  7. Thank you very much geoflewis . It's really a great target, and its colorful stars live up to its name.
  8. I already photographed NGC6231, and yes, you're right they are very similar.
  9. Thank you very much. It is a spectacular object.
  10. A true jewel in the constellation of the Southern Cross. NGC 4755 is a cluster that can be seen with the naked eye by southern hemisphere observers. Telescope GSO 305mm f / 4. Skywatcher AZ / EQ-6. Original Canon 6D Camera. CLS-CCD filter. Baader MKIII. 45 x 15 ISO 1600. Piraí / RJ - Brazil.
  11. Obrigado Avani. Sim, somos amigos no FB, sou o Adriano de Oliveira de Piraí - RJ.
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