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  1. I use an L bracket on my Astro Devices but could see the potential of trying out a trigger grip in its place. That might save having to swing the arm around and adjusting you chair for some nearby targets.
  2. I think I bought mine just about the time they discontinued the model. It was on sale or clearance at the time.
  3. Trying for some in Cep my next opportunity. It'll be in my darkest spot of sky. I've got an order in for a pair of Celestron OIII filters to try out on some planetaries and make an attempt at the Veil.
  4. I can't help with your imaging question but noticed my own Megrez 90 is f/6.2 - 558mm. I see a lot of pollen and dust on mine.
  5. I need to drive about 45 minutes to get to a dark enough spot so I've come appreciate my binoculars and a tripod for easy set up. I like star hopping and working with a chart and the Pocket Atlas just to find a target so binoculars are well suited. With 10x50s I often just park on the side of a rural road and lean back against the side of my car to view. The L935 dark nebula it one of my favourite 10x50 objects when Cyg is straight over head.
  6. Bob King's article from Sky & Telescope. I had a nice look at Le Gentil 3 in Cep last week. https://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/shadow-play-summertime-dark-nebulae-for-binoculars/
  7. The Stellarium planetarium software can be a real help when trying to position yourself for your target objects. It lets you visualize where you'll be standing and what constellations you can see. Lots of support available on the forum with getting it set up and configured. https://stellarium.org/
  8. Good luck. The Kemble 1 asterism is right nearby. It's a nice binocular target if you've never seen it.
  9. A lot can be detected in the finder when you get in the area. That's when finder charts can help. Andromeda should likely be visible in a finder. Globulars like M13 and open clusters can often be detected. Ted
  10. Do you have a RACI finder on on your scope? A lot of Messier's will be visible in the finder once you get in the area. You can then adjust the telescope if necessary.
  11. The one night I had a look at the Western Veil with my 200mm I used an OIII filter. It made a real difference for me. Maybe get some printable Messier charts that you can take with you to the telescope. You can use the FOV tools in Stellarium to plan your eyepieces. https://freestarcharts.com/messier Ted
  12. I used my SW 100ED for about 5 years with the SW EQ5 mount for a lot of doubles. If goto isn't a requirement the EQ5 is a good option. The tracking can be useful at higher powers. Ted
  13. Hi leo With my 90mm Williams Optics I like the Astronomical League's doubles program for smaller instruments. There's a PDF available for downloading. https://www.astroleague.org/al/obsclubs/dblstar/dblstar1.html Ted
  14. Manfrotto makes a shoulder brace for monopods. I've just ordered one for myself to try out with my Oberwerk fluid grip.
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