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  1. Well worth the read. And worth more then two cents. It describes what I am expecting. Just a bigger view so I can better home in. So vignetting is not a bother. I’ll search around until I can find one for reasonable price.
  2. The lightpolution map puts me in Bortle scale 5. So in terms of galaxies not so good? I my first scope years ago I was able so see glimpses of the Orion Nebula with averted vision. And that was more light polluted sky but with a scope with a shorter fl. Thanks for the various tips. I guess it’s just a matter of trying and seeing.
  3. With my Mak I can see M31 as a faint fuzzy. But other galaxies and nebulas are eluding me. Maybe I am picking the wrong targets or my Goto is not properly aligned. I have a 127mm fl 1500mm Mak. So my question is: if I am able to see andromeda what other things should I be able to see?
  4. I will start a new thread regarding my issues with the alignment. So we can focus on the question regarding a focal reducer. ? And thank you for the tip.
  5. I already have a Goto mount. So I get in the right neighbourhood but not always spot on. Stars are not a problem but it’s more the fuzzies that are the issue.
  6. I do have an older scope with a much shorter fl. But it only has an aperture of 70mm. And yes there the Pleiades are gorgeous to behold. My bigest problem is finding stuff (nebulas and galaxies) with my Mak. So I was thinking to use a focal reducer to find what I am looking for, center the DSO and use eyepieces without the focal reducer to see and study.
  7. I am also curious about this. Because I have the same need. I want a bigger TFOV on my 127 Mak. As far as I understand it goes like this. The maximum TFOV is a combination of scope (the focal length) and the fieldstop in the eyepiece and the focal length in the eyepiece. So there is a technical maximum for all eyepieces based on the fieldstop. The maximum fieldstop is the width of the eyepiece barrel. So if you maxed out on what is possible with the eyepiece (I own a BST Starguider 25mm 60 degree AFOV) and you want a bigger TFOV a reduction of the focal length of the scope should do the
  8. Thank you for the extra explanation and context. I never realised that a monocentric was such an specialised eyepiece. I have several Orthoscopics for planetary and I think they will serve me fine for years to come.
  9. Good review BillP (again). How would you rate the 10mm money wise? Is it worth the price? As far I am aware this is only the second manufacturer which sells a mono.
  10. Zen would give the wrong impression. And I do love B7. Dated by modern standards but the characters are supurb. Especially Avon and Severval. But to get back on track, I was up early this morning and Orion was there to great me. A sight indeed.
  11. Many clear skies. Two tips: buy Turn Left At Orion and stay away from the eyepiece part of the forum (currently suffering from eyepiece fever here ?)
  12. Last night I had few hours of observing. The usual beginners things, getting the alignment right, objects I want to see behind roofs and trees, no planning on what I wanted to observe. Just the usual stuff. But I got along and beavering away the time trying to find M31 with my scope (Which I managed after a few hours). With a bino it only takes me 10 seconds. I stopped and realised the time. A few hours had passed. And I looked up at the sky. Deep and dark. Like I have never seen it before. I was filled with awe, so beautiful. It’s filled with stars. So many. I had a hard time seeing the
  13. Thank you all for chipping in. I can start to grasp why people have so many EPs. I thought four would be more then enough. There are so many things to factor in (let us not forget budget). Many of the long treads in the eye piece forum actually start to make sense now.
  14. Basic rule of thumb: you notice fuzzies more in a bigger FOV eyepiece?
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