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  1. Still waiting for clear skies, but i think i wont be able to cjeck it on real star test for 1 week or longer because the weather goes crazy ? But i made a artificial star from fiberoptic and after testing i think its ok but this was tested in + temps so need to check it again after cooling it to minus temps. I found somewhere here on forum similar problem with some WO scopes and there was same pattern on stars and it happened only when scope was exposed to minus temperatures (winter) and no problem at summer. SO it looks like the lens get pinched when exposed to minus temperatures. The only idea to avoid this is to use dew heater that will warm lens assembly .
  2. As always when you buy new toy or it's starting to work as intended after tuning or tweaking the weather have to gone crazy So currently i have 100% clouds Maybe tommorow i have some hole in sky for 4 hours and will test it. Surely will post test results here if everything goes well
  3. Ok so far so good . I unscrewed lightly scerws and nows it seems to be good . I made a artificial star and it looks good , now need to test it outside at minus temps and see what happen .
  4. Thanks for replies. I unscrewed the dew cap and bingo there are 3 places with double screws in that shape . Which one do I have to unscrew upper or lower ones ? The lower screws are glued but upper ones aren't .
  5. Hello all , finally i got WO zenithstar 61 + dedicated flattener so i went to test it and there are strange "spikes" or darker shadows around all brightest stars.What causes the and how to get rid of them ?Its bit annoying . Setup used for test shot was ZS61+Flat61 connected to canon 800D via m48 adapter. Any help and ideas will be appreciated.
  6. Hello all astromaniacs :) This is my first best attempt of astrophotography so far, the Casper nebula, Flame and Horse Head nebula in Orion constellation. This was made with unmodded Canon 800D with russian telephoto lens Tair-3s 300mm @f5.6. Its a stack of 60x4min @ ISO1600. Mounted on Star Adventurer and guided with Lacerta Mgen II. Hope you like it , im not good at processing pictures yet. Cheers and clear skies for everyone :)
  7. Happy-kat it was captured in southern Poland 50km from Rzeszow. This is a nearest and darkest place from place where i live. if i want a really darks skies i have to go almost 300km into the mountains close to the Ukraine border.
  8. Hello , here is mine . I was very lucky to catch this one . Glad that camera was pointed in that direction because i was watching other side of sky and suddenly there was a bright glow behind my back. I checked the camera what was that and boom :D Also i made an animation of vapors after meteor burned in atmosphere.
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