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  1. The firmware (latest is 3.13) won’t solve the problem. The tracking issue in AZ is fixed in the latest Synscan (1.10). Updating both together makes sense though.
  2. Just finished testing the new windows app released today. It works! Stars are reasonably sharp with 20s exposures in AZ mode. There was definitely something wrong with the tracking in the previous version! However there is still a sync problem, and I can reliably make symscan crash when attempting a sync after a plate solve. One issue down, one to go.
  3. Good luck! Let me know how it works out! If possible, could you also check tracking in AZ mode, say about 15-20 second exposures?
  4. Ok! Great, will update this tonight and try. Thanks! You’d think they would at least increment the minor version number and date updated.
  5. Hi AdeKing, yes ive got the latest app for Windows, iOS, and also the latest firmware. I’ve tried 3.1.3 and also 3.1.3 beta. Both have the same issue. Im not trying to use the mount for serious Astro photography, but rather more for EAA. I’m sure even Skywatcher’s camera trackers do better than my mount. 6 second exposures at 180mm and 1kg payload shouldn’t produce star-trails on any reasonable Mount. Tracking is definitely off, and theremost likely a software defect in synscan. I know there is a new version of synscan pro for Android released a day ago. This update hasn’t yet filtered through to windows or iOS. N.
  6. Unfortunately I don't have a handset nor skywire right now. I don't mind getting this assuming it will all work. However, I'm having a tough time with Skywatcher support, so not sure if I'm ready to spend more on this problem. Their responses haven't been helpful at all.
  7. Hoping the iOS and Windows apps get fixed as well... here is a 6s exposure that I took last night... the mount seems to be tracking at the wrong rate, as the star trails are a lot longer if I disable tracking. Quite frustrating.
  8. Still no help from Skywatcher support... below is a 6 second exposure with a 180mm lens. Star trailing is clearly visible at 100%. I was using the iPhone Synscan pro app, and did a "point + click" immediately after a goto.
  9. nm1213

    AZ-GTI issues

  10. This was the response from Skywatcher for my two issues... regarding incorrect tracking rate in AZ mode, and also where syncing after plate solving isn't supported. Rather unhelpful that they consider 6s subs as being "long exposure astrophotography". They also make no mention of Synscan Pro for Windows in point 3 below, nor do they define if the issue exists for iOS devices. Utterly unhelpful and rubbish response! So much for technical support... 1. The AZ-GTi mount with standard firmware is not recommended for taking long exposure astrophotography. 2. We do provide a firmware that allow the mount to work in equatorial mode, but the performance is not guaranteed. It is for customers who look for fun and want challenge themselves. We still do not think it is suitable for serious Astro-photographers. 3. We have located some problems for the tracking in Alt-az mode in the SynScan App on some phones. An updated version will be available soon.
  11. Had a chance to do some more testing last night. Reverted to the official (not beta) firmware 3.1.3. Put the scope on the left side of the mount (when looking from behind). Used the latest synscan pro app on iPhone. North level alignment. OTA is a Nikon 180mm lens, ZWO ASI385 camera, both weighing about 1kg. The alignment and gotos work fine. However the Mount still does not track. Here is what happens in the different tracking modes: No tracking - can see clear rotating star trails at 6 second exposures 0.5 sidereal - star field shifts from right to left at a rate where a star in the middle drifts off the left edge of the image sensor after 5 minutes. Sidereal - same Center star drifts off the left edge in about 7-8 minutes. Point and click - star field shifts left at the same rate as 0.5 sidereal. Note that for 2, 3, 4 above I don’t see rotation, rather just an image shift. All exposures are 6 for seconds. Seems the mount does track... just not at the rate it’s supposed to. N.
  12. It’s a fantastic Mount other than the issues above. I’ve finally got something I can travel with after replacing the stock tripod with a compact sirui one that folds down to under 12 inches. The whole setup with tripod, lens, camera, Mount, stick computer, iPad, and battery weighs under 4kg, and easily fits in a laptop backpack! Now if only tracking and solve/sync works!
  13. Yup, mine is reversed from that because the latest firmware states I can Mount from the left or right. I’ll try as per the pics in the other thread.
  14. I have the wedge on order locally, due to arrive sometime next month. One more ore thing that could be a factor is that I’m mounting the lens on the right side of the mount when looking at it from behind. Maybe I should try mounting on the left?
  15. Yes, totally agree that all the successes here and on cloudynights seem to be when using the Mount in EQ config. However I’ve used solve + sync successfully for years with a Celestron SE Mount in alt-az, so it should be possible FYI - I’m using the pro app.
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