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    That’s very nice .. ..
  2. Hi Alan , don’t you think it’s amazing just how far these targets are from us and it’s hard to comprehend , but we can take pictures of them .. it’s a cracking shot
  3. M106 , taken during this past week total integration time doing 11 hours . I have processed this about half a dozen times , and I dare say I will do half a dozen more .. with PS and LR
  4. Making the most of the clear skies here in sunny Essex .. I thought I would give this target a try . taken over 2 nights this week , Tuesday and Wednesday with 10 x 600 Blue 6 x 600 Lum 12 x 600 Red Syn Green taken with the RC10 , and QSI583 processed with APP , LR & PS its ok , I've seen some cracking shots of this , but I don`t think the skies have been that clear for me ..
  5. Finally some clear , or nearly clear nights here in sunny Essex .. I decided on NGC4565 for my Target for the night on Sunday .. and as it turned out most on Monday night too .. in total 10.3 hours of subs made up of 20 x 600 sec Lum 30 x 600 sec Red 12 x 600 sec Blue and the green channel synthesised .. processed in APP ,LR and PS .. taken on the RC 10
  6. I think most of us aren’t 100% with our pics TBH , I know I’m never 100% .. but this is a nice picture .. I would have cropped it slightly differently.. but we all see things differently ..
  7. Brian28


    Monday night was supposed to be pretty clear , so i took the opportunity to set up my new toys .. a Mesu 200 mount on a modified Tri pier , and an RC10 scope .. My goals for the night were to make sure that I had collimated the scope properly , and had set up the back focus for the QSI Camera with the AP telecompressor correctly .. then to make sure the M200 would behave its self , as I had only set it up in the workshop since purchase . I purposely hadn't set any targets , as i get annoyed with myself if things go wrong and I don`t get an image . The night went better than I could have hoped for TBH .. only a very minor collimation adjustment was required , and slight re positioning of my main camera , though the Superstar camera wasn't playing ball and I couldn't focus on a guide star , so I had to swap it out for a Loadstar .( sent back to Starlight this morning for checks ). As for the mount .. well it worked like a dream .. no issues .. so the upshot of all this good fortune was I decided to shoot M82 .. simple easy to find target that would allow quite a few hours of imaging from my location . well the skies were not that clear after all with quite a bit of high cloud , and the lower stuff rolled in about 3 am but I managed 6 x 600 sec Lum 6 x 600 sec Red 6 x 600 Sec Blue 6 x 600 Sec Ha I used Syn Green so a total of 4 hours total integration time ..
  8. So bloody annoying .. ..my sister called me and said they were watching these things up in the sky ,no flashing lights and moving quite fast ..so I went outside and after a few minutes they appeared..one after the other ..
  9. Did anyone see the satellites going over West to east , about 7.30 .. one after another about 30 of them ..
  10. Well it wasn’t too bad last night ..not quite as clear as the chart had predicted.. and it got to 12 and then the clouds started to roll in ..I milked it too 3am , then gave up .. I was pleased as punch though . First time using the Mesu 200 and it worked like a dream ..and first light with the RC 10 ..which was pretty good too .. I did manage 4 hours of subs on M82 ..and will post in due course ..
  11. Here in sunny Essex it should be clear up to about 11 o’clock tonight .. if we’re lucky .. thought I would try the new scope and mount .. no plans for imaging TBH , just polar alignment, and make sure I have set back focus correctly . If I have managed to get everything right I might take a few subs of M81 or M82 .. but I’m not that lucky .. so just PA and focusing will be a step in the right direction .. for now . here’s the rig for tonight , on a modified tripier .. ..
  12. Played around with the selective colour levels a bit , and i like this one . hope you do too .
  13. Yes I agree .. I will have to adjust a little when I’m home later in the week ..
  14. This was taken last week on the 3rd March , the skies were supposed to be clear , but there was high cloud and the moon was bright , so my original target was abandoned . I managed 4 hours on this image . 12 x 600 Lum 6 x 600 Red 6 x 600 Blue Syn Green Taken with my TS 65 Quad and QSI camera not sure which version I like the best .. ?
  15. Been a while so I thought I would do an update .. well we all know the weather has been rubbish , ( trying to be polite ) .. the pier arrived , and I have also brought a tripier so I can be a little more mobile .. the Tripier needed a few modifications, just to make it more user friendly.. mounting the pier in the garden has been on hold ..I dug a 2’ deep hole approx 18” square , but it just keeps filling with water as the garden is saturated.. .. so I set the pier up in my workshop .. just to play around with everything ..
  16. 2m Lynx Astro cable for iOptron mounts .. , connected up once , brought December 14th , as new .. £23 including UK postage.
  17. I’ve sold my CEM60EC Mount and currently preparing my Mesu 200 and new RC10 scope .. in the mean time since I brought a second hand ZEQ 25 iOptron mount to use with my TS65Quad I haven’t used it or the Quad .., so I thought this would be a good chance .. however last week on the one clear night the moon was very bright and there was 90% humidity , with some mist around , so seeing wasn’t that good .. but I decided to have a go at Orion .. first time in over a year .. by the time I had figured out how to connect the mount and point it via CDC time was pressing on and Orion was already in the south .. I managed a couple of hours of Ha , 12 x 600 sec
  18. Took delivery of this baby yesterday .. downloaded the quick start guide yesterday and installed the software today , changed some of the parameters to the recommended, and surprisingly everything connects and controls via the laptop .. made up a mount for my pole master aswell . Should be able to borrow a large Tri-Pier towards the end of the week , while my static pier is under construction..
  19. it’s going on Ikharus 10”RC ..which was also based on GS optics
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