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  1. Thanks, I generally tie it off close to the mount; I had an incident with the mount (my fault) one time when using the DSLR and 300mm lens only and the tight strap as all that saved the camera and lens from hitting the ground. If it becomes an issue I will reluctantly remove it. Right now it's just draped over the mount to get it out of the way while I was getting everything mounted; it's just a habit I've developed.
  2. I'm about ready to test my setup again. I've added 2 right angle viewers to the setup, one for the camera and another for the polar finder. I ordered a polar scope right angle mount from a fellow in France. It was 3D printed and it fits perfectly. I modified the PA illuminator to fit within the DEC mount opening. I added an 8" Vixen bar for the OTA so I can balance for photography or visual. I purchased a nicely machined Vixen clamp that attaches to the DEC mount. I wrapped blue tape on one of the tripod legs and then put velcro on the intervalometer and tape to keep it out of the way. I star hop through the camera so I don't need a finderscope. I have a Bhatinov mask for focusing. I haven't done a lot of mods to the ST-80 as I am just trying again to get this right. I use a yellow filter to help with CA. I will crop to about 85% to get rid of the corner distortion. If it seems like I'm improving this time I will probably purchase a guider. If I am really successful I will probably upgrade to a WO Z73 and flattener (if I can afford it) or the WO Z61 as they both seem to be a nice value for the money.
  3. That looks great for a first successful attempt. All of mine were crap but I'm back to trying again. What is your all-up weight? DEC plate, counterweight and bar, scope, finder, camera, etc? I've got an ST-80 mounted with my DSLR and filters and I'm coming in at just a touch over 3 kilo. No APO in my future, but that ED looks really good. That's a very encouraging image.
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