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  1. Got about 10 mins of clear sky, but was driven indoors by incoming cloud banks and the neighbour's feline-triggered 500W PIR floodlight
  2. Can you switch off high ISO and/or long exposure Noise Reduction to remove this after-exposure processing? If you're shooting raw, it may make no difference to the result anyway.
  3. Nice watch. Very clear dial. I like chronographs. I have a Seamaster that really needs a service but I could buy a new telescope for the service cost. Also a Citizen which, like yours, sets itself by radio signal. It is very accurate when I'm at home, but hotel rooms seem to deprive it of a good radio signal and it drifts a little when it can't get the signal.
  4. Amazing capture, thanks for sharing.
  5. I am in Fuerteventura, with 10x50s and a glass of wine . Sadly not much in the way of image capturing capability. Eclipsed Moon is fairly clear, spoiled only by sand kicked up by recent wind. Saw the ISS go over, just after 22:00 (thanks Jonk for the heads-up). Jupiter, higher in the sky, is clearer. Could be worse...
  6. Some rather long winded advice on cleaning a similar scope here. I haven't tried it myself!
  7. I had to use RawTherapee to open the 32 bit tif. Did a little black levels, lightness and contrast processing in there, then exported to Paintshop Pro for some further levels processing to darken the background, then exported to jpeg. My very limited experience of star field processing suggests that it's a judgement call between achieving a nice dark background and losing the dimmer stars. Anyway, FWIW...
  8. Passing Nikon user here - I'm attaching a JPEG conversion of the above file. Rather than trial and error focus, you could try "live view" on your D3200 - there should be a button for this on the back. You can then see the image on the screen as you focus the telescope. Regards Mark
  9. Markkus

    Hello from Herts

    Thanks for the friendly welcomes. Since you ask, the refractor is one of those Bresser-sourced items from that well-known emporium of astronomical stuff - LiDL. A 70 / 700. It hasn't been used for some time, but seems OK optically. The mount could do with some maintenance. I was employing it to look at Jupiter yesterday evening and even though it wasn't completely dark, I could see several moons. I am finding binoculars very useful for less specific observation. I have a new pair of 10x50 Prakticas which I took a chance on, since I haven't seen them reviewed anywhere. They claim BAK4 prisms, a 7.5° FOV and fully multi-coated optics, and they seem pretty good to me.
  10. Markkus

    Hello from Herts

    Hi from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Mars' recent proximity re-ignited my interest in matters celestial. I dusted off an old refractor and set about finding my way around. Until a few days ago, skies around here have been amazingly clear and the nights warm. Now the weather has returned with a vengeance, but last night the clouds cleared enough for some views of Saturn, Lyra, Cassiopeia and Andromeda. Anyway, this place looks like a treasure trove of information and I look forward to further education. Regards Mark
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