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  1. Amazon deal on YI camera, £200, Micro 4/3rds mount lens standard. Brief synopsis, what do think , are mount adapters available, With YI M1 Mirrorless Digital Camera get ready to capture perfect moments with superb image and video quality. YI M1 uses a 20MP SONY IMX269 image sensor, the highest standard in MFT (Micro Four Thirds system), and supports ISO up to 25,600 to deliver the most accurate color and the finest image detail. Shoot superb quality footage with 4K 30fps, your videos have never looked so crisp, and so clear.
  2. Our eyes are designed for stereoscopic viewing, so the eyes are slightly different, both in colour spectrum and focal length. Try swapping from eye to eye you will see a distinct difference in contrasts and minor focusing changes. If our eyes were identical we wouldn't get any true depth perception.
  3. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, comes as a crispy duck (with hoi sin sauce) and tastes like a duck then its has to be A duck Or by IAU logic, it could be a .......... Who gives a duck, it's a planet, end of.
  4. Hi Saw one of these @£75 are they any good, cant afford a dual crayford at moment, but fed up with lx90 stock focuser already so is this a good buy? "SCT to 1.25" Helical Focuser,coaxial twist Lock Adapter"
  5. I was into my 30's before I started my degree, having worked for 15 years, I decided to do a years pre study for adults getting back into education, my course was basically core A level studies in Maths, Physics and Chemistry, done full time for 9 months, I came out with two distinctions and a pass, but more importantly it give me the learning and study skills and confidence in my ability. I then took a 4 year BSc (Hons) in Applied Statistics and Computing and came out with a 2.1. I felt that the discipline of learning basically 3 A levels in one year, stood me in good standing, so never felt I was playing catch up with anyone on the course. And the study skills proved as invaluable as the knowledge. Don't know if that type of access for adults is around now, it was back 25 years ago. It was the best decision I made to delay my degree for one year, it made the next 4 years so much easier.
  6. Off course you do, don't we all! But I am still trying to find that little white lie I need to tell myself that I can believe ??
  7. A nice new Antares Versascope 10 x 60 with rings and sct mount. Mounted and tried out terrestial viewing, lovely clean crisp image, first light for it later this week ?????
  8. Looking reasonable here tonight,Clear outside app giving cloud cover 3, vis 10 and about 15°c for couple of hours So must get scope out soon to cool and fingers crossed. Need to get calibration, sensors and goto fully sorted out at least tonight.
  9. Hi, does anyone know what thread type and size/pitch is used on the 8" lx90 focuser knob, it's the round one if that matters? Thanks for reading.
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