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  1. last question Is there a way to figure out (besides guessing) if a clamp will fit on a dovetail bar? I would like to fit the following https://www.astroshop.eu/mounting-plates-and-rails/artesky-prismenklemme-vixen-style-150mm/p,61514 on a Skywatcher HEQ5 dovetail bar, but I do not see how to make sure it will fit thx
  2. Would anyone know what those black discs are called? trying to find where to buy one ...
  3. That is what I am looking for. I have the guidescope and the rings for it on a plate and the dovetail bar. I guess all that is left is getting a second one of those discs to go on the second tube ring, and then drill holes in the dovetail bar to attache the plate with the rings Thx!
  4. Would anyone know what holder shoes would best fit on those tube rings? not just flat ones, but holder shoes that clamp around the tube rings preferably?
  5. Does anyone know what the purpose is of the black round disc on the screw of the back tube ring on skywatcher reflectors? Thank you?
  6. Thank you all for your input, I got it my battery and charging setup completed in the basement !
  7. Hi, So I got a telescope and a mount and I have had a load of fun so far. I finally replaced my Celestron 7Ah Powertank with a proper deep cycle battery 12V 72Ah My question: is there anything i need to put in between the battery and the mount to protect it? Like to protect it from too much Amps due to some shortcircuit? What do you guyz do? Thx Edward
  8. Is it bad NOT to leave them on such a charger and do it only once in a while? like a month?
  9. I am looking at buying a deep-cycle battery to power my setup away from home: VMF VDC31M 105Ah Deep Cycle As I never had one before, I am wondering how to maintain it in between sessions. Do I have to keep it on the charger as the selles is suggesting? he says the charger will just keep topping it up little by little, trickling, .... Do I have to, or can I just top it up just ahead of a session? Any advice would be appreciated Edward
  10. I have a F5 newt, skywatcher 150/750 DPS, .... would that require the 36mm ones?
  11. So I was looking at the asi1600mm pro and noticed it also comes in packs containing a filter wheel and filters. Bit the filters come in 2 sizes: 31mm or 36mm. 31mm is 1.25". But what is the 36mm size for? Why are there 2 options? is the 1.25" not latching the size of the camera chip? Will it not generate a full image? Can anyone explain? 36mm is too small for 2" right? Can anyone explain why there are 2 sizes and how I would limit myself going for one or the other? Thx!! Edward
  12. Hi, I bought my skywatcher 150/750 PDS 6 months ago and have been observing since, using an unmodded DSLR to take some pictures once in a while. Now I am looking at dedicated cameras and feel completely lost as the choice is enormous For the scope I have, on a HEQ-5 tracking mount, what is it I should look out most for when choosing a dedicated camera? Any advise to find out what camers go well with my OTA would be highly apreciated !!!! Edward
  13. I have been stargazing for a while now using my Skywatcher 150/750 PDS Explorer, I have a HEQ-5 PRO tracking mount and will get a autoguiding setup soon I would like to start imaging and buy me a dedicated camera. I have no idea what to look for though, and there is soo much choice. Can anyone help me with finding the right telescope that will allow me mainly to image DSO's and if possible planets sometimes too (is that actually possible a camera for both? ) Where do I start? Thank you ! Edward
  14. Hi, I have been observing for a few months now and it is AMAZING. I have a Canon 700D, ordered a t-ring and adapter, but now I realize that my DSLR chip will be unprotected as the usual lenses are not mounted on it. What is the best filter to use for initial astrophotography and to protect the DSLR chip? I hope to shoot nebulas and galaxies from a yellow bortle scale zone Edward
  15. I finally have ordered and received my SW 150/750 PDS and HEQ-5 PRO setup. I have been gazing with the only eyepiece I have but will be ordering a few more again based on your experience you shared when I asked questions. This community is awesome and so much can be learned on this forum, you have no idea how grateful I am. Besides getting some eyepieces, I want to attach my unmodded cannon 700D and give that a try, but I have some more questions: do I need something besides a T-ring? should I attach it to to a 2" or a 1.25" piece, i guess this is related to the size of the chip in the camera. Any thoughts? Thank you all ! Edward
  16. @Cornelius Varley so I am not supposed to see something like this in the northern hemisphere?? Thank you for your help!
  17. My equipment finally arrived. I now have a Skywatcher Explorer 150/750 PDS and an HEQ-5 Pro Goto mount I live in Belgium in the northern hemisphere, but when I look through the finder scope, I only see 'Octans' indicated and no indication of Cassiopeia and Ursus Major, nor do I see the big circle and the little circle to put Polaris in. Before I start complaining with the website where I purchased the mount, can anyone confirm I have an alignment scope for the southern hemisphere? I am not doing anything silly or stupid here? there is no magic switch to give me the alignment scope with the indications for the northern hemisphere ??
  18. ok, wait for a while, got it, thx, probably best advice ? I will need to find a convertor for when I want to observe from on my terras, away from my car Thx !
  19. I w!ll be observing mainly about 20mins from where I live. I have a HEQ-5 Pro ...; slowly building up my setup. Want to get into astrophotography eventually
  20. mmmmm i wish i could .... but i was not planning to do photography yet, want to just observe first ? And I need would like to test the motors on the mount to make sure they were delivered working properly
  21. To a few spots, maybe a camping site, I can transport it by car. I know I could use the batteryn but I would appreciate a few USB ports for other stuff
  22. The thing is that I do not know yet what will have. I am brand new to this, do not have a finderscope with camera yet, ... What is a good number to go for and how much does temperature mess it all up?
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