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  1. My husband known here to some of you as Freddie passed away earlier this morning, He knew this day would come  because he had been very ill for some time. He wanted me to make a last post for him in the event that it did. He is at peace now and with the stars he loved so much.


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    2. daz


      This is very sad news. Thank you for letting us know, and we hope you have some comfort from knowing he was a great asset to our community.

      Clear skies Freddie :(


    3. steve k

      steve k

      Very sorry to hear that news... RIP SIDO

    4. MilwaukeeLion


      Very sorry for your loss, rest in peace Freddie. 

  2. https://www.meteornews.net/2019/07/05/meteor-activity-outlook-for-6-12-july-2019/

    1. xtreemchaos


      probley nothing to do with the paper "I havnt read yet" but ive allways had a hunch that all movement is driven by blackholes ? laugh if needed. hope you have some clear ive venus weather here in the uk

    2. SIDO


      Something has my curiosity on the rotation thing, we use the cosmic microwave background radiation to settle current universal rotation possibilities but since this radi was laid down at the beginning of the universe and the universe has evolved and it's physics have changed so drastically were the dominant forces are now altered its possible I believe the science is not as settled as some assume, I have been right before in similar matters and only time will tell but I"m certainly learning a lot about astro physics and the universe in the process.

      Cool you are also thinking outside the box, what's inside is so yesterday.


    3. xtreemchaos


      yes freddie out of the box is the place to be, i find time interesting, i can never make my mind up if its real or just a human thing brought on by our minds . yes the inside is yesterday and tomorrow never comes ?. charl.

  3. First Clear Night in a week, EEVA all night with NGC7000 in the northeast by 4am. So ready for this ;-) 

  4. Just a heads up, I entered Imaging Challenge #24, My first ever so please have a look! 


  5. When someone right here on SGL claimed to capture a new solar constant and provided imagry to support his finds I thought I may never see these phenomena in pictures again but did think that the now gone from SGL individual was surely onto something and now I come to find out he indeed found something amazing...


    1. SIDO


      I find it beyond interesting that an amateur was observing these phenomena and trying to get others to do so even to the point of giving away the equipment to observe these phenomena to other astronomers for free, the equipment he designed and built himself. Like I said...Amazing.

  6. The eclipse was awesome, removing the eyepatch at totality was stunning to say the least. Excellent night indeed...

  7. Cloudless Quadrantids for me ? Yeah! Venus GWE and a Cresent Moon with Earthshine could be the bonus round. Fingers Crossed!

  8. Ultima Thule or Bust! Go Nasa!

  9. Coundown to the Ultimate flyby is in progress! Some of the most exciting tax dollars I spent so far...

  10. Really enjoying all the Comet 46p photos coming in, some awesome shots with the Pleiades...Indeed.

  11. Another new lightweight mount arrives tomorrow, Another manageable scope on the deck. Proggress!

  12. Thinking about the coming Eclipse on January 21st...

    1. David Smith

      David Smith

      Don't, the clouds will hear you :tongue2:

  13. They have begun using the words "frigid" and "arctic blast"  here but still no clear skies ?

  14. House hunting for the first time in 25 years with an obsy site the #1 priorety this go round, thank goodness for google maps street view and online LP maps ?

    1. teoria_del_big_bang


      Good luck with that, not the most relaxing past time moving house (well certainly not in the UK anyway).

      I guess somewhere in the middle of nowhere would be ideal then eh?


    2. SIDO


      Yes nowhere but not too far from somewhere or the perfect balance is a difficult search even with good tools, elevation, darkness, the proper zoning to allow the obsy build and of course then the wife has to like the house.

      Thanks I will need to be both shrewed and lucky to get this all just right, a 15' dome with a two foot skirt will house a 20" Stargate dob...I will post the build here at some point ?

    3. teoria_del_big_bang


      Sounds like a plan to me :thumbright:

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