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  1. Hi and welcome. Clear skies, what are they ?
  2. Hi and welcome. Some nice pictures on your website.
  3. jaspa


    Hi and welcome. Mark
  4. jaspa


    Hi and welcome.
  5. jaspa


    Hi Welcome to SGL
  6. jaspa

    Hello to all

    Hi You have a nice range of equipment for someone green. Nice place Cromer about 20 miles from me. Hope the weather improves for your trip its just :) here. very heavy rain at the moment.
  7. jaspa


    Hi and welcome. If you want to spend lots of money that you don't have, this is the place to be. :)
  8. jaspa


    Hi and welcome.
  9. That looks good enough to live in.
  10. jaspa


    Hi and welcome.
  11. That is very nice Hope to have something like that one day.
  12. jaspa

    Hi All

    Hi mick, welcome.
  13. The 4000's seem OK to me but then i am a noob with a basic scope, lots to learn. Just noticed i have become a proto star (whatever that means) :blob2: :blob4:
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