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    Hi and welcome
  2. jaspa


    Hi, welcome to SGL. Mark
  3. You could always modify the fridge light so its red.
  4. Thanks to you all for your replies. Mark :notworthy: :notworthy:
  5. Don't have the money yet, will be a few months before i have to make a decision. Thanks for your help. Mark
  6. I must admit it was seeing your scope for sale that gave me the idea of the LX10 after being set the S/W200 for quite a while.
  7. The pro version is a bit expensive, might be an upgrade later. Not sure if i even need goto. Mark
  8. Seems like a fairly even split of opinions. My only concern with the skywatcher is the size of the thing, having seen one in the flesh for the first time a couple of weeks ago it was a little larger than i had expected. Wish i could afford to.
  9. What should i go for as my next scope, after wanting the skywatcher for the last six months i am now considering a Meade 8" LX10 secondhand. So it's either a new s/w200 or used LX10. Any opinions please before i go mad. Thanks Mark
  10. jaspa

    Hello from Gwent

    Hi and welcome. Mark
  11. Hi and welcome. Mark
  12. Reckon you should be a carpenter, that is a stunning piece of work.
  13. Hi and welcome to SGL. So all this rain is down to you buying a new scope.
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