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  1. I’ve been using this website to find DSO’s for the first time. Very helpful. I too sometimes struggle to make out Hercules though. It looked a lot better in my 12” dob compared to my 10”. https://themcdonalds.net/richard/wp/finding-m13/
  2. I found Albireo last night and was amazed! Tried for the Veil but couldn’t bring it out even with UHC and OIII filters but they are only cheap ones. Bortle 6. Also found M29 but open clusters aren’t getting me as excited as some of the other objects.
  3. I’m going to try bringing it out tonight for the first time. Have cheap UHC and O-III filters light pollution so not expecting much.
  4. Did you try with a UHC or O-III filter?
  5. You’re in the same boat as me finding new stuff. I’m going to try for Neptune tonight and double stars I think. Haven’t even seen Albriero yet. What about Veil nebula?
  6. Spot on. I viewed it for the first time last night. Found it in my ES 82 degrees then down to APM20mm that improved it. Then went to 9mm that was a bit too dark.
  7. It wasn’t my photo lol. The colour was better through the eyepiece. I lost it out of view then just went to find an image online. That matched what I saw through the eyepiece. Just wanted to check that it was right as it was so small.
  8. For that budget you could get an ES 82 degrees 30mm (I love mine) and a Televue Delos 6mm (haven’t tried but but heard only great stuff and plan on one myself to bridge a gap). Sorted.
  9. Yes it was a disc and slight colour to it. Thanks .
  10. I would say it looked like this
  11. Hi, I viewed Uranus for the first time tonight. It was very small like a pale dim star even at X 320. Viewed it further out too. Is this normal or is it much further away than it can be at the moment?
  12. When could I try for Andromeda? I’ve added all of your suggestions to my list. I’m marking them off with the date when I viewed them so i get an idea when to look for what.
  13. Great replies thank you, especially to Rob. That will keep me going over the bank holiday weekend
  14. Hi, So still on this steep learning curve. In July I found M13 great globular cluster in Hercules, M57 dumbbell nebula and M27 Crab Nebula. It’s clear skies tonight so what do you recommend I try to find? 12 inch manual dob. Bortle 6 skies.
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