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  1. Hi. Does anyone know if the FLO 9x50 finder T adapter fits Lacerta Mgen autoguider? Thanks!
  2. Thanks. I've read several topics on amp glow on the 183. The 1600 is more usable if I chose to use longer focal length in the future. As for the diffraction problems I still have the modified dslr if targets contains bright stars.
  3. Thanks. My HEQ5 has the Rowan belt mod. I'm leaning towards the 183 now
  4. Thanks! The ASI1600 has bigger sensor. Will it be demanding to achieve 1.3 " / pixel with my HEQ5?
  5. Hi! I have a TS 80mm triplet with 0.79x reducer (FL 380mm) f4.75. I also have a Samyang 135mm f2 lens. I'm currently using a full spectrum modified Canon 600D but I'm thinking about upgrading to a mono cooled camera for narrowband imaging. I'm thinking narrowband imaging will allow me to use my equipment more because of strong LP in my area. Based on my 80mm refractor the CCD calculator (OK seeing) leads me to ASI183 as best match with 1.3 " / pixel and ASI1600 with 2.06 " / pixel In reality what is best best match? Thanks!
  6. The Canon lenses have tripod collar which is very handy when attaching the lens to the camera and mount
  7. Another prime is Samyang 135mm... Seems quite popular
  8. I usually prefer primes because they are usually sharper. The results for 70-200mm at Astrobin looks promising. The 70-200mm is more useful for daytime photography also.
  9. Which is best for astrophotography? Canon 70-200mm f4 vs Canon 200mm f2.8 They are both similar priced second hand.
  10. The C6 is mounted on HEQ5 pro I've have experience imaging with lenses and APO telescopes. I don't know if its worth getting the reducer for the C6
  11. Is Celestron C6 SC with f6.3 reducer ok for DSO imaging? Is it necessary to use reducer for planetary imaging with this telescope?
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