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  1. Sorry to hijack this thread, but I recently purchased an old 'black model EQ6 heavy duty mount'. It has the basic RA/DEC hand controller and have been also considering upgrading it but at what cost ? I believe maybe the best thing for me to do is leave it alone and if I really want GOTO and better slewing speeds + better tracking, then it would probably be as cheap to invest in an already converted model or factory produced model. Any advice or information regarding any options I might have that would be considerably cheaper than 300+ for an upgrade would be most welcome and hope this also addresses any other questions any other member of the forum might have with a not to dissimillar mount. Many Thanks Orions-Knight Mal
  2. 1000th post. Not been doing much having moved to darker skies near bridgnorth. Hopefully will be getting back in the game soon and looking to maybe finding a dark site for anyone who might be interested in the surrounding areas. Watch this space !!! Clear skies soon Mal
  3. Thanks Tinker1947. Lol I am aware of that
  4. Many thanks Ronin. For what I paid for the mount and the cost of an upgrade kit, I am almost in the realms of a second hand eq6 pro. Plus the mount is now a few years old and might not warrant an upgrade. I think its ridiculous that the slew speeds are so slow. Think I might play around with a direct motor hack of some sort and see where that takes me. Many thanks
  5. I have just bought an old style EQ6 Black model and am aware of it being non goto. However, I have realised that slewing speeds of 2X, 8X and 16X sidereal rate are so slow for slewing. I am not prepared to purchase the upgrade kit as cant afford it, but am wondering if there is any other means of increasing the speeds similar to new eq models like 800X on a diy basis ? Any comments and helpful advise will be most appreciated. Many thanks Mal B.
  6. Hi Andrew. I think its hard to get a professional opinion on which type of scope you think best. It seems there are a couple of factors that you need to consider before making your purchase. One of the main factors is how good are your skies and what do you want from of your hobby. There are two main themes atm in astronomy, imaging and observing and both are supremely rewarding. However, Imaging has its problems, technical and time frustrating and observing is best done with a large aperture, especially from light polluted skies. There is much fun to be had either way with any purchase but do remember that you get what you pay for. The best fun though might be an 8" dob, get out and see, and share your pleasure. Clear Skies Mal
  7. Got a point about smaller reflectors though. 4" or less say. Probably a lot harder to collimate especially for a novice.
  8. Hi Folks. Generally, I think most of us suffer with eye problems to some sort of degree. I also suffer with so called floaters now and then, but take no notice of them most of the time. I have been put off observing sometimes, especially whilst viewing the moon. Now I try to look after my eyes the best i can. General light massage sometimes and I believe a good diet can help in keeping them healthy. I have also heard that Bilberry can aid towards healthy eyes but not tried it yet. Hope this helps in some ways. O-K
  9. Hi all. Its been a while since I last observed from "The Site". ; ) I am up for some observing this evening and am making plans to be there at about 9.30. So if any one would like to join me this evening for some observing that would be really great. For anyone who doesnt know where we observe, pm me before 9.00 with your mobile and i will call you with details of where to meet. All the best Malc.
  10. Hello to all you good folk there. Long time no see but got that feeling now that the darker nights are not too far away, we will be meeting up for a few sessions now and then. See you soon. Clear Skies Malcolm
  11. Hi. I'm still knockin' around too now an' then. Hi PeteGreg, and welcome. Check out my post at the top of this page as well for further details. C.S's. OK
  12. Lasers. See if you can get a blue one. Mega bucks. Oh and you cant use them at star parties either. Boo. OK
  13. Great report Seb. Its nights like those that are so rewarding and thats what astronomy is all about. Thats why, one day, I too will own a 16" mirror set. Nice one. Orions-Knight Mal.
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