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  1. Thanks Girders, I will take a look, thanks for advice. Max
  2. Hi Robby, Yes definitely interested, I am Yate kind of direction and its not too bad just north of there, to the east would be great i should imagine. Where have you been looking? Max
  3. Hi John, Thanks for the reply, thats quite impressive. I will take a look. Max
  4. I have a three year old girl who is mad about the moon! I am new to astronomy and have recently bought a new scope. I thought a good way of letting her see is through the screen on my phone, i could even send it to my TV. I have seen lots of phone holders or grips for telescopes etc. In reality are they any good and if so which to go for? Thanks, Max
  5. Ok thanks, I have a 1.6 crop sensor. So let’s say 500/1000 plus the 2x so.2 of a second. Even if I did stack those would that be enough light?
  6. Ok so essentially the fl is 1000mm so 2 sec exposures? Then add in Barlow = 1 sec exposures? is that right? This is I where I get a bit lost!
  7. Hi Happy Kat, thanks for the reply. Sorry I should have explained, I am ok with the camera process but a bit unsure of the telescope process. Any help appreciated. I have a t ring and 2x Barlow and was wondering if I could capture the Milky Way with this set up?
  8. Thanks for the reply. So I don't have motorised at present, and I only has DSLR with T ring and 2 x barlow. Is it possible to take video and stack the stills with this set up or is it not worth the effort? Also what would I be able to do this with, by this I mean which objects in the sky? For example could I get images of the milky way? Thanks,
  9. Update: I picked up the scope and EQ5 on Saturday. I could not be more happy, found Jupiter straight away and had a look at lots of other non specific stuff. Looking forward to using as much as possible and learning lots. Setup went ok balanced ok (I think) tried the different eyepieces, and as surprised at the difference between 10mm and 25mm. Just one thing I would like to share is thet there are a lot of stars up there (Just in case you did not know) :) Max
  10. Thanks N3ptune, i appreciate the advice. I certainly have a lot to learn? but I am a big fan of learning! I like the fact I can look back over these posts on the forums, that will be a big help. max
  11. Ok thanks ShrewView, I am ok with stacking but have not processed the night sky before. Ok will give it a go. Thanks
  12. Wow thanks for taking the time for that reply, much appreciated. So one thing i did not say is that i have ordered a 2x barlow and t ring for my DSLR (I still don't plan on using until i have learned the basics (Honest). I think planets is where i will start for AP. I will order the book tomorrow. Yes i intend to get out there as much as i can to be honest. Thanks Max
  13. Oddly I call three in the morning with cold hands fun!! i like a challenge.. Will i need a moon filter for the DSLR? I see you are from Glos, not a million miles away myself and from the area. Max
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