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    AP is a new interest... I love the challenge. :)
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  1. I noticed I was getting a blurry shot and could not seem to fix it no matter what I was doing.

    I was useing an Orion 2x shorty barlow with a ZWO ASI120mc/s .  All I had to do was unscrew the lens from the 1.25 eyepiece holder and screw it to the nosecone. It didn't seem to screw on all the way but the diff is crazy...

  2. Anyone else see or catch this one... It was HUGE and I couldn't get to my camera in time. It was BIG and bright green/blue. came from southwest to southeast from my POV.
  3. I have a Sky Watcher Skyliner 10" classic dob. I have been doing short exposure work with my ZWO asi120mc-s. I would love to have tracking but its not cheap.
  4. I bought a .5 focal reducer and have been under the clouds since. I had clear skies for about two hours the day it came in the mail. It works well on both of my telescopes as far as I've seen :);) 

    1. Knighty2112


      That’s the name of the game alas! We all suffer with that curse when buying new equipment! ;) 

  5. I need a focal reducer I think... I have a Sky-Watcher Classic 250p with a ZWO ASI120mc color camera. I don't know anything about focal reducers as I am very new to all of this... I have only owned a telescope for 2 1/2 years now Thanks you guys.. I love this website...
  6. Ok. Thanks. I believe I am going to sell the scope I have. Its only a month old... Gonna buy a scope with tracking.
  7. I have a 10" skywatcher with a ZWO 120Mc color USB3 using Sharpcap and I was wondering if I could shoot DSO? What kind of focal reducer does my setup use also?
  8. I am using Sharpcap 3.1 Do you have any recomendations for programs I should be using? I also use G.I.M.P. on my images to clean them up a bit...
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