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  1. Guys, Thank you so much for the information. As a true beginner, I appreciate the loads of information you have poured in here. I won't be getting this telescope, after all I've read. My longest photo lens right now is a 300 (on a crop sensor), so I might as well get a 2x teleconverter and get about 900 out of it (after the 1.5 crop factor). That should be good, I believe, for a start. Plus, I will get other uses out of the teleconverter. Then I'll see if it is worth to get a good beginners telescope. celetrac1922, I'm from Melbourne, but I travel to Sydney regularly, so I might go to Bintel next time I'm there.
  2. Hi everyone, I have joined the forum in the hopes that someone can point me in the right direction to either go forward with an impulse buy, or avoid doing it. So, looks like tomorrow starts a sale of sorts for a beginners telescope (this one). It's a "National Geographic 76/700 EQ Newtonian Reflector Telescope" but to be honest that doesn't say much to me. I am an amateur photographer and for some time now I have wanted to try a bit of astrophotography. I just want to know if it is a good opportunity to grab, or maybe I should better not. When you look at it, it is not a lot of money (I'll have to add a Nikon F adapter) to see whether I keep looking at the stars or the telescope goes to collect dust in the garage. There are some specs in the page, but not knowing about the physics of a telescope, I can only assume 700mm focal length should be about twice what I have in my camera right now (albeit a lot slower than my f6 lens), so maybe it's good? Anyway, for a bit of context, I would like to see the moon, maybe Mars or Venus, and whatever else I can catch and get a good picture of. If I can look at something farther, say Jupiter, that's better, but my main goal right now is to learn whether I like astrophotography or not. Any help is more than welcome.
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