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  1. Thanks for replies, I have ordered the 31mm Aspheric from FLO, one of the reasons is the 1.25 and 2" fittings as I have a smaller scope that is 1.25" only.
  2. I did see the Aspheric and like the look of it, I think that may be out of my price range though. But I am tempted.
  3. Hi, I'm not sure which EP would be better for DSO hunting with a 200 f6 dob, I am looking at a 24mm 68 degree Hyperion or should look to a lower power type? I have about £100ish to spend. Cheers
  4. From what Flo tells me the 200 dobs are on a slow boat from china...2 wks at least.
  5. My 8" dob is stored in cardboard boxes at flo's, but hopefully not for much longer!
  6. Hi, I used to have a 200p as per my sig but had to sell as I needed funds, I'm looking to buy another scope now and i'm looking at a 127 mak on a goto as its smaller and more portable Can anyone offer advise as to how a 127 compares to the 200p. I like hunting DSO's so this will be mainly what i'll use it for. Thanks
  7. I got my first look at The Ring Neb last night found it using my 32mm and it was great at 10mm. I also managed to find M13 and M92. The 32mm is a great tool for finding things
  8. I thought I had bad LP, but after reading what some of you guys can see I think i'm doing ok - I can generally see orion ok. I have bad LP to the East over Southend on Sea, the rest of the sky's not too bad.
  9. Thanks for replies, It turns out that the secondary was fine, the image shows the shadow of the cheshire, the 45 degree insert of the cheshire was not in all the way. I fitted it in correctly, played with the main mirror and this is my result, with the focuser all the way out.
  10. I have just cleaned my mirror and for the first time collminated the scope. I have tried for ages to get it dead centre, is this close enough? I want to image planets and know how important collmination is. Thanks
  11. Ok, thanks for reply, I'll give it a go, nice n easy. It will be great to get the sensor cleaned. Using the 4x barlow on Saturn was a nightmare with the blobs spoiling the image. Thanks again
  12. Hi, Has anyone successfully cleaned the imaging chip on a web cam? (Toucam pro) I've been trying to keep the image away from the blobs on the chip but there are that many now that is near impossible to get a clear image. I have heard that the chip can easily be damaged.....any help welcome..... Thanks.
  13. Only just got the scope (2nd hand) so I don't know if there is a decrease in quality. The link was fab just what I wanted thanks.
  14. Hi, I was making a dew hood for my telrad last night and I noticed that my main mirror is quite dirty, the scope is over a year old and the mirror has not been cleaned yet. What do we do about cleaning them? Its not something I want to do unless I have to... Any advice welcome Thanks
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