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  1. Hello, Using my android phone when observing the sky, the bright screen really affects my tolerance to the dark. I have dimmed the screen to the lowest even turned on night mode but I'm still affected somewhat. What do you guys use to make the screen darker?
  2. Hello, I'm new to this forum, is this star party open to all members and non-members? If so I would probably camp in a tent (cold in October). I'm also wondering if the pitch booking is per tent or per person?
  3. What, that's crazy. May I ask where you live and perhaps we can help look for a group near you? This is why I brought my 6" Dob, it gets me learning the sky in an easy way, I have found tracking objects easy when you get used to it but can't take steady pictures. Give me a few years and I will know more about the hobby to help decide my upgrade. But at the moment I can set up my telescope quick and not worry about an EQ mount.
  4. Sorry if I am wrong my sky-watcher Dobsonian 150p was around £215, I believe you're paying for the scope rather than the mount. Whilst with budget GoTo scopes your paying more for the motor and technology? Correct me if I am wrong this is from my own research a few months ago before buying mine.
  5. I'm new into all this also, I recently brought a Sky-Watcher Dobsonian 150p. So far it is serving me well, I find the simple mount very easy to use (was a big yes for me). I found going to an astronomy shop near me was very useful and the staff spent time talking me through different mounts and what I can see with what scope. Is there an astronomy shop near you where you can actually look at the scopes?
  6. William Optic 6mm SPL is a wee out of my price range at the moment. Is there any other 6mm Planetary eyepiece you would recommend? Or is it worth saving for that one?
  7. That's hopefully the one I can see next depending on the clear skies.
  8. I think I will buy the 8mm BST for now. It should give me some better views of planets and the eye relief should allow my wife to enjoy it too as she wheres glasses. I have got in contact with a local group and looking forward to meeting them and learning more. I am also hoping to go to some star parties soon. Thank you all for your kind help with this.
  9. Hi Kev I'm looking at a club near around 45 mins away and they meet up the last Wednesday of the month. Astrocamp looks really good thou so thank you for that one. That is something I would definitely look into!
  10. You may be right, I may be running before I can walk here. Although this was very useful and have learnt so much.
  11. Hi Philip, Thank you for that tool, very useful! I don't think that is in my price range at the moment. Hi Kev, Would the 6mm work well on planetary objects?
  12. Once again thank you for the warm welcome everyone, I have already posted a question and everyone is being very helpful
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