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  1. i think we should all meet up in the area when the weather is better and warmer. (nice to be near home to get a tea)
  2. Kewl thanks dave. Colin - i heard that northumberland park is one of the darkest places in the uk. i tend to have little light pollution as on outskirts of darlo. i am living with family until i have a job and then moving out to rent so i will be looking for a place with a garden and in the dark. lol. im used to pay £800 a month for a 1 bed flat so im sure i can find somet a little less. 2 bed house is about £395.
  3. its not bad area up here when that cloud disappears. used to live in surrey.
  4. Hello is there anybody in the Durham area. i am just seeing how many people up north are interested in astronomy. please just at least say where you are in the area as in the long run may need some help when we get clear skies. DS
  5. i like seeing it in a wide lens, its small but having stars behind it in view aswell is amazing. i only saw it a few weeks ago and now i want a telescope that will show it better
  6. ok, this is roughly the same but hey. i have a symptom where you go out and search the sky. know there are clouds right over the sky but still look up. also turn around after shutting the door to see if you can catch the sky out. i moved to Darlo and had 2 days of clear nights in a month. oh f****** h*** torettes has come along now.
  7. themos - yes they are. mount was stable and conditions good. i started with wide angle. then 2 x barlow. then moved to 10mm then added the barlow. it was visible in 10mm but wouldnt stay up with it. the callibration was right so not sure. and themos your right. the eq isnt beginner friendly. as i said in another post. should really have got a goto.
  8. in darlington it has been nice all night until now., but good as i need to get up early for interview really clear tonight
  9. sorry a double cluster (not andromeda) i also played around with pleides. i really cant spell at moment. fingers still cold.
  10. ok, so i have aligned it with polaris and then found saturn through ra/dec - now the monitor was going at 2x speed which states the right speed but by the time i changed to 10mm 2 x barlow it had gone. played with the motor and would not move anywhere. what would this be. i balanced it. it was moving to polaris and the used top 2 controls (dec/ra) but still dint work i managed to see saturn, orion nebular and nearly got andromeda. so i am workng around the sky. very good night.
  11. WOW!!! penny has clicked. went outside to my scope and ciggy. played around and it all makes sense. it is a bit awkward but i spose it will become easy after a while. Thank you all for the links and all your help. Im sure il be posting about somet else very soon
  12. thank you. I think all of it together brings it to an answer and think i can do this now. Thank you so much all of you
  13. I have the RA motor that come standard with the scope from SkyWatcher Explorer 130M Reflector Telescope (sorry sponsors, did not know about you before i bought this) im now thinking i should have got a goto now, but still going to persist for the moment.
  14. so, let me get this, the ra needs to point so the axis of the mount points to polaris +1 degree and then i slacken the others so i can move up down left and right at will. and the levers to turn the right and left, these are fine tunes to get the planet, galaxy etc in focus. am i getting it now? I would like to get this right as it would be nice to get planets more than 5 seconds before i have to move it.
  15. but if i move it around then the mount is not point to pole star. the instructions say - After your telescope is polar aligned, no further adjustments in the azimuth and latitude of the mount should be made in the observing session but i cant turn it around without turning the mount. does that make any sense. I know your probably thinking 'OMG what a tw**' but im sorry. its just like some people cant comprehend what others find easy.
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