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  1. I took 30-40 shots with my Sony DSC-HX1 then stacked them in Autostakkert!2 and slightly edited the image in Adobe Lightroom
  2. Hello! I would like to know what about buying this mount. But first a bit of a backstory: Recently I found a 60/700 mm refractor all broken up forgotten in the basement. I managed to repair it (it only needs a diagonal and a finder) but noticed that its mount is irreparably damaged. So I set sail on the internet in search of a cheap mount and found this. I thought this is a pretty good price for a guided mount and it seemed almost too good to be true so I came here to ask you what you think. Thanks!
  3. Wouldn't centre spotting make collimation easier? I think I wasted way too many nights trying to get the focus point in the middle of the FOV with little to no succes.
  4. First photo: The screws that hold the primary mirror cell Second photo: The nuts that secure the primary mirror cell Third photo: The screws that hold the upper part (secondary mirror and its holding things) Fourth photo: The nuts that secure the upper part I think it is possible to remove the upper part so I get unrestricted acces to the nuts.
  5. I won't be able to secure it back because I can't reach the bottom of the tube to put the nuts back on
  6. Yes, it's a newtonian. The nuts are captive.
  7. I need to remove the mirror to centre Mark as the telescope is 70 cm long and my hand doesn't fit between the tube and the secondary mirror holding things. But, I came up with an idea in the meanwhile. The upper part (secondary and its holding things) is held by screws and is removable. If I remove it I will have enough space to fit my and remove/put back the nuts. Should I try this?
  8. Hi! I would like to take out the primary mirror cell on my telescope so I can mark it. After pulling out a screw I discovered that the screws are held in place by nuts on the inside of the telescope. I fear that if I get the mirror cell out I won't be able to secure it again. Are there any other ways to get the primary out? Thanks!
  9. Hello! I know someone who has a DSLR that he doesn't need it anymore and he will give it to me. It's a Sony DSC-HX1. How can I connect it to my telescope? I'm not sure, but by looking at photos it seems like the lens' are integrated(please correct me if i'm wrong) . My telescope is a TS Megastar 150 /1400. Thanks!
  10. Hello! I have an TS Megastar 150/1400 EQ-3. I am trying to collimate it for more than an hour now with no succes. Tweaking the primary does nothing. By tweaking the secondary the closest I could get is like in the image below. I would like if the image in the cap would go left and right not just up and down when tweaking the secondary. How to do that? Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. I got my entire tools set with me and I don't want to miss the dark sky from here since I live in a big city.
  12. No it isnt't marked. Btw, now I am on a trip at a mountain small resort. Should I see all 3 mirror clips?
  13. I have an TS Megastar 150/1400 EQ-3. When I tried those eyepieces, Saturn was quite high. The weather was clear with no clouds.
  14. Hello! Yesterday I took my telescope out to observe Saturn. The image through the 25mm and 10mm was good, but when I tried the 6.5mm the image was horrible. It was out of focus very much. Is collimation the problem? I can only see one mirror cap through my collimation cap. Based on this picture which mirror needs adjustment? Thanks!
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