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  1. Excellent, i will take a look! The above uses DNSMasq already so i guess it will be the same type of setup.
  2. I have searched SGL for a tutorial incase this has been covered so forgive me if it has. I've also searched the web in general and couldn't find a full tutorial to do this, so i have collated a couple of tutorials that make it work. I have managed to get SkySafari to work with a £32 ish Raspberry Pi3 and the cable that came with my scope with a usb to serial converter - the same things you need for connecting to a PC. It allows me to control the scope using the SkySafari Plus app on my tablet or phone AND it creates a wifi hotspot on the Raspberry Pi so it doesnt have to be on a network t
  3. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
  4. Thanks Eric, i will take a look ?
  5. Thought I would join this forum as you seem like an incredibly friendly and knowledgeable bunch! I live in the north of England as you can tell from the thread title inherited an 8" Meade lx90 - the original one with all its quirks ? with the s4000 8-24mm ep. Been using it intermittently for a year or so but only just decided to spend some money on it to get better views - new 10mm and 32mm baader eyepieces and upgraded to a baader prism star diagonal. I am interested in dso's and planets and in astro photography - just because i love to share! I have tried in the past with limited success.
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