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  1. Hi. Thank you for getting back to me. If I leave my scope to its own devices it automatically sets up with the timing out. Its obviously something i,m not doing. I really thought that buying the starsense autoalign would have made things a lot easier. Just a case of perseverance I think . Karen ?
  2. Hi. I own a Celestron CPC 800. I used to be quiet knowledgeable on it. I moved over 3 years ago and got my scope out for the first time in nearly 4 years. OMG I have forgotten practically everything. Last year i bought a starsense autoalign as i used to have trouble setting it. I tried for 3 hours to get this thing to align my scope last night. I watched as my optical tube do 2 somersaults. Neither of my hand sets asked for the time and location. We have really dark skies here. I tried to align with the scope with 2 and 3 points for alignment and this star sense. I thought as i had not used m
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