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  1. Thats a better description than I got with my SkyWatcher Explorer 200p, as I ended up using the Astro Baby instructions which were easy to follow. Makes a change to get a manual with easy to follow instructions.
  2. It sounds like I have got some serious mulling over to do, thanks for your advice Wouter, it is much appreciated. I am glad to hear that collimating the classical cassegrain is no more difficult than a newt, as I have a 8" newt which I manage to collimate, I check the collimation about once every six months and to date it hasn't changed, but thats probably because it's sat in an observatory either in a case or on the mount, so dosent get moved around much. Do you find the collimation on the Cassegrain remains stable and how often do you have to collimate it? I agree with regards to t
  3. Hi Wouter, Thanks for responding. I would like to keep the budget to below £1000 or there abouts, dont mind spending a bit more if it is worth the extra. The mount is a pier mounted SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6 GT, which I have already got. The primary use will be imaging, but also some visual, probably a 75/25 split. Neil
  4. This looks like a really nice scope, I was looking at getting a Skywatcher Skymax 180 Pro, but having read this and other comments, guess I will be looking at getting one of these instead. What is the Stock Crayford Focuser like? Nice modifications/upgrades by the way
  5. Many thanks to you all, funny enough I was looking at the TS Optics after posting this, but its also good to see the Skymax get a good review. I do like the sound of the TS Optics Classic Cassegrain though which I see already comes with a crayford focuser and sounds like it will not require dew protection like tge skymax. I will deffiniteley also look at the large SCT's as well, but they generally seem to be just out of my price bracket. Will have a good look at the show. Many thanks Neil
  6. Hello, I am going to the UK Astro Show in November and will be looking around at some of the Scopes on the stands there for a Planetary/Lunar Scope for visual and imaging purposes. I have seen lots of discussions on the Skywatcher Skymax 180 Pro and tend to be leaning towards that but I am looking for advice/opinions on other similar scopes before taking the Plunge. For reference it will be permanently set up in an Obserbvatory, so the cool down rate on the 180 Pro would not cause too much of a problem and the camera I would be using for imaging is the ZWO ASI 224MC USB 3.0 Colo
  7. Hello, Just got my first set of 6x4 Astro prints back from Snapfish in a gloss finish and I have to say I am impressed as they are looking exactly the same as the digital versions. I am now just waiting for the 6x4 Matt versions and a 10x8 of the Orion Nebula. They are also offering 50 free 6x4 prints each month if you download their APP and order them through that, all you have to pay is the postage, which for a standard delivery of 5 working days only cost £3.49, so I have ordered 50 non Astronomy images from my phone to see how they look. Regards Neil
  8. Many thanks for your replies gents, I will certainly give Photobox a try, I have also had a look at Snapfish as they are currently offering 20 free 6"x4" prints if you sign up with them. So I will give both them & Photobox a try and let you know how I get on. Many thanks Neil
  9. Hello, I am wanting to print out some of my images, so have been looking around online at the many printing services here in the UK and was wondering if anyone can recomend a good one, the photos are only going to be 6x4 or 7x5 and are for personal use, so no need for a top professional service. Thanks in advance Neil
  10. Thanks, Its nice to know that it is good quality before comitting to purchasing it, does it come with some sort of profile plate to fit the contour of the tube as all the pictures I have seen of it on suppliers websites dosent seem to show a plate.
  11. Hello, I am thinking of upgrading my Skywatcher Dual Speed Focuser on my 200P with a Baader SteelTrack Diamond NT for Newtonians and was wondering if anyone else has done the same or had experience with the Baader focusers with regards to quality etc. I would probably also look at motorising the focuser with the Baader SteelDrive motor with controller (with the new version when it comes out), does anyone have experience with the old version motor? Thanks Neil
  12. Hello, On this bleak and windy day, I thought I would share with people a design and make project I did over the Christmas Break last year (2017). One of my Telescopes is a Sky-Watcher Esprit 100ED Pro, the stock focuser is a 3” Rack & Pinion focuser with a 11:1 fine focuser and I find is a very good focuser. I wanted to motorise the focuser, but after much searching around could not find a reasonably priced option, so decided to design and build my own. I did have to remove the single speed focuser Knob to measure the shaft, which on mine was Diameter 6mm. I de
  13. Hello All, After much deliberation and research, I decided to make a light box instead of using an LED copy board. I made it out of 3mm Foam Board, used 3mm thick matt white Perspex for the diffuser and the light source was from an 8w Energy saving bayonet bulb, which I turn on about 30 seconds before I use the box. I had to make 2 different inserts to fit my telescopes – Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 ED PRO Triplet and a skywatcher Explorer 200p, the Esprit insert was quite simple but the 200p was a bit more complicated. I also made the back removable so I could change the light
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