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  1. Hi! I’m a total noob and I’m a bit baffled, I have a celestron astromaster 114eq and whenever I try and use my iPhone to take photos of the moon there is a black spot that shows up in the middle of the image and when viewing (I usually use the 40mm eyepiece for the full moon). It’s focused but this spot is just visible, I know it’s probably something super simple and I’m just dumb. I usually just hold my phone upto the eyepiece (I’ve since ordered the celestron phone mount which amazon have managed to lose but that’s another story!) is that the issue? I’ve included a few photos to show what I mean. any help would be super appreciated!
  2. Hi all, So I have a celestron astromaster 114eq telescope and a lot of eye pieces, I’ve successfully seen the moon and Venus (which just looked like a star close up) and was wondering how much detail I could get looking at Jupiter and Saturn? Will I be able to see the rings of Saturn? I googled images from my scope when I got it but it wasn’t really helpful in telling me what was used, also is it possible to see nebula and galaxies?
  3. Hey! I’m new too and also not far from you, I’m from Sheffield!
  4. I sort of managed it with my phone, think I might need a new dslr though as it doesn’t have a video option. I will keep persevering though! though i’m Impressed with my phones efforts!
  5. Thanks guys! And yes a lovecraft fan!
  6. So I’ve just got myself a telescope for the first time and really want to try my hand at astrophotography. I have the t-adapter and t-ring for my Nikon D40 dslr but my camera shows up saying ‘no lens attached’. I’ve tried googling it and frankly I have no clue what I’m doing, even trawled YouTube to no avail. From what I can see I need another tune thing? can anyone explain to me in lay terms please?
  7. Hi everyone! I’m Joey. I was gifted a celestron astromaster 114eq telescope recently and have really discovered my passion for stargazing! I’m completely new to this and looking forward to celestial observation. Bit about me, I’m from Sheffield in the UK but spend half my time in Malta. I got my first detailed view of the moon when I set up my scope (which I named Celeste!) and was almost brought to tears with how beautiful it was. So yeah, hi!
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