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  1. Hello I know you have seen lots but tonight I saw Jupiter with 4 moons for the first time ,I’m very happy i think I need a better finder scope (any advice welcome) and I think I need to look into good eyepieces again any recommendations thank you ps the apps are a great help thanks
  2. Thank you I have a camera device thing but that’s along way off being used I want to see a planet first.i have now got the apps mentioned earlier so hope they help
  3. Thank you all I do have a 9mm but thought I should start with the 25 I also have a 5x Barlow lens and a 2x so think I need to play more I will try to set up the finder alignment today and hopefully see a planet tonight again thank you
  4. Thank you what ep would you recommend that’s not going to break the bank lol
  5. Hello I’m a completely new to this and have a bresser messier 10 and I’m using a super plossl 25mm lens,I’ve followed the setup parts and can now see stars as little clear white dots but I cannot find planets I’m in Bulgaria at the moment with very clear sky’s no moon .am I doing something wrong or should I have more patience Saturn should be right in front of me but I cant see it only a small clear dot.
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