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  1. I have an ZWO 1600ASI, i realy like the 500-700 focal lenght, as it fits many targets , yes the price is without FR, so i'm willing to go a little above that pice mark haha that hapens too often
  2. Hi, i'm looking to buy this scope, but i'm not sure if it's any good for astrophotography, i was hoping if any of you guys had a chance to use it. And/or if any one can recomend any other good APO scope around 100mm for under or around 1000€ Scope Thank you. Urban
  3. I checked the lightvortex tutorial, so as soon as i get some time from my work i will try it. I'm limited with exposure time with my mount so, i will try my best. Is there any other disadvantage with cc that is not in corect distance from sensor (i'm not 100% sure that i have it exactly at 55mm (+-2-3mm error))? Urban
  4. Smart Wow nice work, i will try to work on my calibration frames and will folow your workflow (can you suggest any web page/youtube video?). From the site where i take pic the milky way is practically invisible, so i would say it's pretty substantial. Do you have any suggestion how to lower the noise in camera? Plus do you think that distance from coma corector to camera sensor would inpact quality of image in any way? Thanks for all the help so far
  5. Hi, alredy thank you for you time. So you are saying that processing is the problem not the acquisition, that is great news . I have a lot to learn. The ones in this link are,(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rmDQlizCumQOG375uPcOBuKumXiwDU-n), in the frst are just raw data from camera. Yes you have very good eye, its 428ex with 130PDS . How did you know? Urban
  6. Hi, i'm using PixInsight, i have similar workflow, but for some reason i get washout rgb. here is the link to only L, R, G, B components https://drive.google.com/open?id=1okiEqohPBosgwv4DGZ0hcNGOdJ_3rom- thanks.
  7. Hi, i have a problem with my atik camera, not sure if its just me or the camera but every time i try to combine diferent chanels i get realy washed out pic, almost no color in them, all chanels look almost the same, i checked the efw but it works fine, so i have no idea what i'm doing wrong. please help :) ps. sory for my broken english. pps. here is link for M51 files that i shot with camera, if some one wants to check if they get the same result. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1X1EcBT5WLIe2uSsWM5zYsTNATk80ZgyP Urban
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