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  1. hi starblazer the film canister that i got the will not fit into the 1.25 eyepiece focuser the diameter is just a little over the 1.25 size of the focuser thanks to all who as replied i go and have a look at the flo site
  2. hi all i'am looking for a collimation cap i have made one out of a film canister but its to big to fit the the eyepiece so any one got one for sale or where i can get one thanks steve
  3. look's like tonght in the may be good for viewing at the moment got clear blue sky's all round first time for weeks
  4. hi ags at the moment i got clear skys from the south to the west but its looking like more clouds are coming from the west hope you have some luck later i'am off for a pint steve
  5. hear's a good link to see what's heading our way SAT24.com, Satellite Weather Europe. Watch the Clouds and Sun over Europe
  6. hope i'am not advertising Just got a good magazine from the newsagents from the publisher of the astronomy magazine called Atlas of the Stars for £5 full of maps of the night sky great for a beginners like me
  7. full of clouds at the moment no rain in tredegar may be lucky tonight had no clear skys here for weeks steve
  8. Hi all i'am just about to fit some ra/dec drives to my eq5 mount do i need to put some lithium grease on the gearbox cogs or leave them as they are thanks steve
  9. hi zapp glad you and you yl enjoyed your first night with the gear try to get a second hand meade or tal x2 barlow they a lot better then the skywatcher barlow
  10. hi steve yes i was getting Stellarium.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close tried the fix but still crashes swoped the ati graphics card to a nvidia stiil crashes but on my laptop running windows 7 version 0.10.3 it runs great
  11. hi all i see there's a new version of stellarium just out version 0.10.4 have a look in the forum but its not on stellarium.org i think i will keep with version 0.10.2 as 0.10.3 keeps crashes with xp steve
  12. thanks for putting your instructions on how to set it all up its running great on Stellarium 10.3 now i can sit in my greenhouse out of the cold and pop in and out and have a look at the sky steve
  13. hi all just a update got the serial to usb adapter cable today put the divers in the laptop runing windows7 plugged it allin started Stellariumscope kept coming up no telescope found after changing com ports etc still no telescope found away after a few cups of tea i add a brain wave i rebotted the laptop and run Stellariumscope again and it all now works great cheers steve
  14. ok thanks to all got all the leads etc just need the usb/serial coverter will i have to put the date time into the hand set or will stellarium take over and do it all tracking etc steve
  15. hi there I'am new to the forum i have a celestron 130stl i have down loaded all the software and have sent for a usb/serial coverter my question is will i have to plug the lead in to the goto handset or can i just plug the lead in to the mount thanks steve
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