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  1. Sad news RIP kev my condolances to the family
  2. hi paul welcome to sgl also from tredegar that makes three of us if you need any help let me kown there's lots of help on sgl great bunch of guys steve
  3. amazing looking scope did the can come with the dob or does the dob need it to get itself going don't give it to much or it will end up just going round and round hi hi
  4. two useful free apps to download from the app store put polar align in the search bar astro kit takalign
  5. altec

    Hi from South Wales

    Hi Chris, and welcome to SGL steve
  6. altec


    i'am beginning to feel sorry for this chap now hi hi trying to make a quick ---- on this scope bought it, put back up for sale in less then 12 hours with the weather we have had i bet he's not even tried it out as i have said i have the same scope and a eq5 goto mount and i'am very happy with it but i don't think mine is worth want he's asking for his but that good old ebay for you anyway i wish him the best of luck maybe i make him a offer steve
  7. altec


    thats what i thought about the ad on copying someone else's details steve
  8. altec


    hi all i was keeping a eye on this scope as its the same one i have eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace and i see today its back up for sale Bresser Messier N-203 Newtonian Telescope | eBay must have cost the buyer a lot of petrol money
  9. Nice if you got some spare cashBBC News - Swansea's seafront observatory up for sale
  10. looks like no one as tried this out i will post a update when i get my 3'LCD Color portable tv iv'e sent for
  11. great here at the moment not a cloud in the sky temp is 5.9 and falling wind speed 3ms got the hot tea ready and not forgetting the fisherman's friend's steve
  12. hi all ive got a canon 350d i have read on the net someware you can connect the video out on the canon 350d to one of those Casio type 3'LCD Color portable tv's with a av input socket then you can use it as a sought of live view like they got on the canon 1000d etc there's lots of these portable tv's on ebay going cheap now most of the uk is gone digital have anyone tried this out iam thinking it may make life a bit easier when i try to get the camera to focus on the stars etc thanks steve
  13. looking at the weather for tonight clear light winds but cold better wrap up warm knowning my luck it will snow
  14. have you tried running it in the No Open GL2 mode
  15. hi joe welcome to the forum well thats two of us from a tredegar steve
  16. Hi all iv'e got a load of sky at night mags they free to any body who can come and pick them up steve
  17. hi ronin the r90 i can have for less then half the going rate i have a 8' scope was thinking of some thing quick and easy to setup my main interest is dso's steve
  18. hi all i'am in thinking of getting a Skywatcher Skymax 127 ota as a second scope but have been offered a bresser messier r90 refractor telescope at a good price have any you members got a r90 and how would it compare to the skymax 127 thanks steve
  19. as we all do most of time reading the instructions comes last steve
  20. Just find a target, click on it with the mouse it and press ctrl+1 if you scope is set as number 1 in the settings to slew to the target
  21. i have one of these you can have for free if its any good to you for the cost of the p+p used it a few years back when i had the etx90 Meade Universal Telescope Compass Bubble Level -- NEW! | eBay
  22. try this link its live you may have to click the refresh button now and again UARS - Orbit Data
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