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  1. What shutter speed did you use for each frame?
  2. Which do you think I should get, a light pollution filter or a genuine polar scope?
  3. Hi, I agree with the fact about countering star trails, those 15 second shots were not very good due to poor judgment with polar alignment, I have fashioned together a polar scope using an old finderscope I had, using a calculator and some wire to make a polar scope, when I tested this I had good star tracking at 300seconds which dropped my jaw!
  4. Hi Vlaiv, judging from my unfiltered photos, do you think that using a light pollution filter would benifit me?, I live in a bortal 7 area, but I can't see any light pollution in my images, perhaps I don't know what it looks like...
  5. What do you think the probability of it being this satellite?
  6. Your RIGHT!!, looking in stellarium at the exact time the photo was taken shows satellite GlobalStar M006, it matches the area perfectly, a reflection off of the sun is what happened. Well done to you!
  7. A meteor could explain it, if this strange appearance was a meteor coming perfectly toward the lens, I'll feel pretty proud that I've captured perhaps a 1 in a few million event, but meteors usually would break up into small parts at it's peak burn in the atmosphere and this is not shown in the image, or the image after, unless it burned up and dissipated in the 5 second gap between exposures. Plenty of food for thought!
  8. Yeah we should :), i was thinking it might be a variable star of some sort
  9. I thought the same about the reflection, but the star underneath the bright star on the right is not reflected under the star on the left, very strange...
  10. Hi all, I have recently been out trying to take some images with my barn door tracker I have built, a few nights ago I thought I'll try and photo C34 Veil nebula, and while going through all of my frames I noticed somthing which I can not explain 1 of my images shows a bright star randomly appearing, I'll post the image below along with the image before and the image after, I imideantly ruled out a satellite and I thought it could be an optical reflection of some sorts, Image details: Exposure: 15 seconds ISO: 3200 Sensor temperature 24°C 300mm lens aperture around f/7 IMG_6891.CR2 IMG_6890.CR2 IMG_6892.CR2
  11. Hi all, quick question, I live just outside birmingham, I have bortle 7 skies I can't see the milky way with my eyes or with long exposures, my question is if I take several exposures in the the milky way's direction, would I get be able to see the milky way?
  12. Hi peter, I'm wondering if a light pollution filter will still allow me to photograph celestrial objects like clusters and galaxies, I've heard that they are great for nebulae, but I can't find anything about galaxies and clusters. Could you help me out?
  13. Thankyou for your long reply I do appreciate that, you have made me feel more confident in buying from svbony, thankyou
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