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  1. Thanks Dave, that's exactly the scope and mount I have
  2. When I bought my scope my partner and 2 children had no interest at all.... How things change when you see something My 10 year old daughter seems very interested - She looked at M31 for ages even though it was just a smudge My wife and son wanted to see Jupiter ... I was told they need to see it bigger Thats my excuse to spend more wonga
  3. I cant wait to see Orion with my fist scope - I will be up all night
  4. I have complimented a few people on their awesome photos - Quite rightly too, it must take hours and hours of work even when you have all the kit. I am mega impressed
  5. Awesome pics... absolutely awesome. You must inspire a lot of people with work like that
  6. I am trying to sus out how to do this and there seems to be several ways. I would prefer a less expensive route so I can take some pics in order to decide if it's a route I want to pursue. Would this do the trick? 1.25" T-Mount / M42 mount Nikon Adaptor on eBay (end time 26-Oct-10 18:33:15 BST) From what I can gather this would give me a focal length of 1000mm - same as the scope but that sounds OK to me for starters. Thanks Pete
  7. Cool, I can't wait to get a better eyepiece for my scope then I can actually see stuff
  8. I found M31 a bit difficult to find, once I had found it though, It was easy the next time. With good visibility and some decent bins, you can deffo see it Nice one and well done
  9. What a difference! Nice pics, thanks for sharing
  10. I hope my first shot is as good as that, Well done! I can't even see the spot in my scope!
  11. Those pics are cool Thanks for the write up - Interesting
  12. I have an EQ5 mount with a polar axis scope fitted. I am trying to get my head around accurately setting this up. I appreciate that the Pole star is not at exact true north and this has to be compensated for. I also understand that the axis scope has to be aligned within the mount. This is done by viewing a distant fixed object, then turning the RA axis 180 degrees. Adjustment is made on the axis scope so that the object always remains central. That seems the easy bit. I can’t quite understand the way the vernier (slide rule) system works though. I have found a piece of software that should do this calculation though - PolarFinder. To me it looks like it gives you the correct angle to position the Pole star in the axis scope. I hope I have understood this correctly so far…. Onto my questions then What time is it? Seems a stupid question but my PC time was 21:59:19 when I grabbed this screenshot (Black box bit on the right) Am I right to think the “true time” (not BST) is 20:59:19? Dare I ask what is mean local, true solar & sidereal? Looking at the Polar finder time, which uses the PC clock time, 20:29:19 is not there. Do I need to set my PC clock to “true time” rather than BST time - in other words 20:59:19? I have a few more questions about this but want to make sure I am on the right lines so far. Thanks for looking Pete
  13. Thats my list of things to look for on the next clear night sorted
  14. OK thanks - I will get to 50 posts as I intend to stick around Might take me some time though - I have been a member of a car forum for about 7 years and only have 5000 posts One of my "how to" threads has 384,000 views though I really don't like posting for the sake of it. I can fully understand why the mods have implemented the rules though, it's a pity a few have spoiled it for so many - when you first join you want to buy. I guess that's the way it goes. At least I have a scope now and can have a good around the sky. In the meantime I can think about what to buy next
  15. I can't see the for sale section Could you PM me who is selling it? Cheers Pete
  16. I am also new and struggle to find things. Andromeda Galaxy is not easy to find but when you see it, it just looks like a "smudge" of light. I would look for the double cluster next time you are out. It's under Cassiopeia and pretty easy to find. Have a look on Stallerium and you should be able to find it - It was the first thing I managed to find Hope that helps and good luck
  17. Thanks for the warm welcome and responses to my questions. I familiarised myself with the scope in daylight - Those axis adjustment knobs are really awkward and marking the tube with tape at the balance point is a great tip. I had a good look around last night, and was pretty impressed. I now understand what you mean by “best magnification” The eyepiece is perfect for viewing the double cluster. It filled it perfectly, any more mag and I wouldn’t have seen it properly. I could see a band across Jupiter and some of its moons. I saw a couple of “smudges” in Andromeda, I assume the Galaxy and a nebula. I have found a used William Optics 7mm 82 Deg UWAN 1.25 that I might buy, this should give me more mag for viewing appropriate objects. I am also thinking of buying a Skywatcher ED Deluxe 2x two-inch Barlow Lens as this can be used with an adapter to fit my Nikon DSLR. I will also get a Collimator. Navigation isn’t too easy either for a newbie, I was wandering around aimlessly despite having Stellarium! I guess I will end up with a GOTO. I have a lot to learn and a lot to buy! Again, thanks for your help.
  18. I have just bought this Skywatcher Explorer 200P Newt on an EQ-5 mount. It's also got this alignment scope fitted. I need to look at how to set it all up to be honest It came with this eyepiece which I was told is better than the original part. What magnification will this give and is this a quality eyepiece? I have read that the “best” magnification is about 200X, limited due to air pollution, is this right and what eyepiece(s) would you recommend to achieve this magnification? I don’t want to buy “cheap” but don’t have the wonga to go silly on the likes of Nagler. I was thinking more in terms of around £50 a piece. Is this enough? Also, is it worth buying a barlow and what’s considered a decent brand? Can’t wait to have a look through it. Forecast is ….. rain and more rain Thanks for looking, Pete
  19. Thanks for your help guys. I found an unused Skywatcher Explorer 200P Newt with an EQ-5 on EBay. This leaves me some spare cash for upgrades It's probably about the right size for me to lug up and down the nearest vantage point
  20. Sorry I am not into this 50 post rule.... PM or mail me if you have a scope for sale
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