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  1. Can any one help me. Gone to Ayr west side of Scotland to go to the Galloway forest, the problem I have is a wether app can anyone recommend one? It's cloudy at Ayr until we leave so we need to travel now so any ideas on a location would be helpful also willing to travel 90 min from Ayr. Many thanks
  2. If so I vote we call them pre moon ??
  3. You sure you never painted that ? that's amazing that photo ??
  4. Yer your prob right. Was an amazing feeling getting all that on one night
  5. Meteorites/ shouting stars they where sorry that excited writing about my night I could of said anything like wow I saw top cat in space ?? sure I was reading something and it said they was a meteorite shower at end of month but sighting can be seen as early as mid July. No comets sorry but that would be amazing ?? Looking forward to the full moon so we can investergate that but we have been reading up on these galaxy's and I can't wait to smash the first one that will be a moment I will never forget ??
  6. Hope i have done this correctly.. 2 nights of clear skys 1st night stayed in back garden with my star watcher 130 eq2 got to see some stars I never seen before?? Tonight went up next to castleton in a dark spot quickly saw the moon and very quickly venis due to the clouds... but WOW mars you got some red curves on you.. Jupiter WOW your black curve was crazy... Saturn and your rings SUPER WOW must be the nicest thing I have seen in my life was amazing used 25 10 6 plus a x2 Barlow seen nothing like it before in my life. Little difficult finding some stars that I wanted as it wa
  7. Wayne86

    New user

    I hope so.. just looking forward to my next clear sky so I cam have a look about in the sky and learn
  8. Wayne86

    New user

    I have a flexible job so looking forward to the early nights myself
  9. Wayne86

    New user

    I used the a171 Whitby road got to see loads of the sky. Shame it was my first time didn't know how to use my scope correctly then, but I am learning
  10. Wayne86

    New user

    Will take me a while to get use to it. Only getting 4/5 hours darkness so it's hard to say up late at the moment
  11. Wayne86

    New user

    thank you for the welcome everyone. Ripon where are you from like? I have a app on my phone called sky map and Saturn is high enough for me as long as I get in a dark place and high enough so I get to see the full sky without objects in my way.
  12. Wayne86

    New user

    Hi ripon and des i hope your right about my scope when I bought it the information said I can see up to Saturn and its rings plus the moon's passing over it... I hope this information is correct but the bad news is since buying it had nothing but cloud in the sky... so frustrating. How long have you both been using scopes for? Any advice?
  13. Wayne86

    New user

    Hello every one my name is Wayne I am from Middlesbrough in the UK Anyone close to me? Always been interested in the stars and plantets but never really had a telescope until about 6 months ago got given a basic £30 telescope from Argos and enjoyed looking at the moon. I bought a skywatcher explorer 130 EQ2 the other day and the different is amazing, I am still learning alot of things about exploring the sky e.g using a red light, how to turn the telescope correctly but I am getting there slowly. I have a 25, 10 and a 6 lenses plus a Barlow I bought this telescope to look at th
  14. Hello mike. My name is Wayne and I am from down the a66 at Middlesbrough. Just joined this site I have a skywatcher explorer 130 EQ2 telescope, this is all new to me and getting to know how to use my telescope from a £30 telescope from Argos to this can be difficult to use, I always enjoyed space ect when I was young and finally decided to follow it up now. Right now I only use my telescope in my back garden as I want to get use to moving it correctly and searching correctly also. I have made basic mistakes while using it e.g using my white light instead of a red light and
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