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  1. Ah ok thanks, could you suggest a good refractor then? as im looking to replace my old 80mm helios refrac i picked up a year ago, I mainly want to do lunar observing in as much detail as possible my budget is roughly £300-£400 or would i benefit from a sct or newt?
  2. hey guys thanks for the quick reply well the scope we both have is a helios 80mm short tube refractor, thanks for all the help! ill let my partner now and see whats she says many thanks again.
  3. Hi, my partner decided she wantrs a scope of her own to get into astronomy but does not want to do it manualy would rather a computerised mount, which scope would be better? Skywatcher Skymax 127 SynScan AZ GOTO or Sky-Watcher Explorer-130P SynScan AZ GOTO and if you dont mind, bieng new to astronomy Im not sure what the major differences between the both would be like visualy other than the FOV would be less in the skymax. so if someone could explain what she could realisticly see and what each is capable of if there is much of a difference at all? i would be very gratefull, also would you see dso better in the skymax? or are dso better through the 130? and would there be a major diff in planet detail between the two? many thanks and sorry for all the questions Ash
  4. has anyone here ever owned or have any experience with these scopes? I would love to get the mini 50 for a grab and go widefield as its tiny so if anyone has any experience on these or something similar Id be greatfull to hear from ya. many thanks ash
  5. has anyone here ever owned or have any experience with these scopes? I would love to get the mini 50 for a grab and go widefield as its tiny and when me and my partner away we barely get time to stargaze so something like this would be ideal to pop in a bag and stick a tripod in car lol so if anyone has any experience on these or something similar Id be greatfull to hear from ya. many thanks ash
  6. hey guys do any of you now the name of the website which has a program that you select what scope you have and it shows you how big the object your looking for willl look through the scope yuouve selected? I cant remeber the site for the life of me lol manythanks
  7. hey thanks for the replys, i checked abs and its sale pending so im waiting to see if it gets sold, and no worry's i can understand needing it lol I was also looking at the borg mini scope series such as the 60mm or 50mm: The Mini Borg 60 Scope. - SCS Astro anyone had any experiences with these little scopes? i understand these scopes will have limited uses, but as they say the best scope is the one you will use the most also its for when we go camping or taveling where theres clear skies its nice to whip out a small one and get a good ol nights star hoping etc lol again thanks for the reply's
  8. Hey guys, Finaly after searching have found a scope I would like to upgrade from my helios 80mm refractor, well when i say upgrade its a smaller scope but im after a william optics Zenithstar 66. they are the perfect size for me and my partners traveling need and also for imaging but the only problem i can forsee is getting my hands on one. does anyone know where I can get my hands on one in the uk? I found a video on youtube showing ZS66: YouTube - woptics168's Channel would love to get my hands on one so if anyone could help me if be very thankfull! Ash
  9. Hey again, Has anyone here had or now of anyone who uses or has used a mini 50mm borg refractor? or similar scope anyone could suggest. The Mini Borg 50 Scope. - SCS Astro or does anyone know where i can get a refractor like the guy in the video show in the uk: just wondering of the practicality of this small scope, as this would be ideal size to fit in my camera bag alongside my slr etc and would be so much easier as a GnG compared to my 80mm Helios refractor for when me and my partner travel etc as mentioned previously we like viewing the moon and mainly wide field views of the stars. many thanks in advance
  10. hey thanks for the help, nah not really looking at getting a bigger scope to be honest as we only live in a small flat and enjoy our 80mm as a GnG scope or when we go travelling. hence why we may look at getting a good quality 80mm short tube scope if it would produce sharper images? if not then just get new eye pieces hehe but thanks again!
  11. hey astro baby, thanks for the reply, Ill definatly have a look into those and thanks for the help
  12. hey thanks for the reply my scope is a 80mm refractor (think its a short tube) as its small and is branded as a helios. im afraid im not sure other than that it also came with x2 right angle and one which is 45 angle sort of slants further back than right angle eye piece holder. I have an eq2 mount (i used to know all this stuff and been out for a while so names have gone lol) Also just out of curiosity, we have been looking at eventualy getting a more well made 80mm refractor like an evostar ED80 for example, would it be better to save for one of these and use average eye pieces untill we save up for better ones or would it be better to get better eye pieces for the time bieng and then get a new ota later on? thanks again
  13. Hey guys, me and my partner are casual stargazers, we enjoy going out whenever we can with our 80mm refractor. we currently have some eye pieces and a 2x barlow wich we had with scope. Basicly we would like to invest roughly £150 or so in two good quality eye pieces, one for viewing the moon in as much detail as possbile and one for wide angle viewing or ultra wide angle as the more stars can fit in view the better hehe so if any one would mind pointing out the best possible candidates for our needs we would be gratefull as there are so many at so many price points its easy to get confused. Thanks in advance for the help and also any filters you may suggest will be welcome as we have no filters yet. Ash and steph
  14. hey guys, long story short me and my girlfriend have recently got into stargazing, between us we have a 80mm helios refractor on eq1 mount. after seeing many many great sights through it even on our first night let alone the rest, as you can all imagine sharing one scope between us so we have decided to get another scope so we can get more from the clear skies at the moment. we have a budget of around £250 and as my girlfriend wants to view the moon, it brings me to my question, which type of telescope would be the best for getting great up close detailed views of the moon its craters etc, if possible in the budget we would like to be able to get real close of views of the craters etc as much high detail close ups as possible. we have researched as much as possbile about which type of telescope would best suit our needs, but after reading reviews and guides and as you could all guess its a minefield to find a straight answer, so any suggestions on a particular scope type or scope would be great, many thanks in advance!
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