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  1. Yes think so, just need to know where to get scope for repair ?
  2. Hi All, Have a lx90 12" that wont play anymore, does anyone know of any place I can get RA drive replaced or repaired in or close to Perth Scotland Please. Teaman
  3. I Agree, been to every one minus the first 2 camps never had a problem. was very lucky in some ways as bag had laptop in but I took it to breakfast to look at nights imagery. Also had Atik 314l camera in box next to bag stolen but not touched ? Police informed but nothing they can do. insurance lesson learnt has cost £36.00 to be covered teaman
  4. I had bag full of video kit, not insured ,not impressed Teaman
  5. Hi all, I also had a great time but would like to give a warning, I had an unwelcome visitor Sunday morning while at breakfast someone decided to remove my Astro video camera and leads found out Insurance not covered. Teaman
  6. welcome to sgl from fellow dudley bloke
  7. Hi , its not as difficult as you think. A cable purchased from any astronomy shop/site for a few pounds connects to your handset and to your computer. Then you need software that allows telescope connection such as starrynight and then the planitarium software can be used to operate telescope. you can even set your scope to use wireless gamepads such as xbox controller. try it its not as bad as you think
  8. Hi all, anyone going to kelling, im on yellow 148
  9. hi claire, I believe there will be viewing of transit from Barr Beacon
  10. Hi claire teaman here. Walsall society my email address is trevor600@btinternet.com can explain all to you well worth a visit.
  11. Hi Claire, welcome to SGL. Im from just up the road at Dudley. I am a member of walsall astronomy soc, we meet every thurs . there was to be a meteor meet at barr beacon tomorrow but i believe now cancelled.
  12. walsall and wolves also brum and bromsgrove are the nearest i believe?
  13. hi ya, good luck on the build. teaman from dudley
  14. Hi this months astronomy now is what you need.
  15. Hi just to let you know you can train your drive at any time. I use a sign post in my street to line up on.
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