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  1. Thanks for all the replies. @Cornelius Varley's numbers were a perfect explanation. Question solved
  2. I know this is kind of a stupid question but I'm still curious. We are always told, never to look or stare at the sun straight especially with observing equipment like binoculars or telescopes. My question is, regarding those days when the moon reflects sunlight very well / those days when the moon is extremely bright, why is it fine to observe it with binoculars or telescopes and not get any eye damage ? I mean the moon is still reflecting sunlight into our eyes + equipment.
  3. Amazing picture, is this raw / a classic picture or edited via registax/other programs? How high was the exposure?
  4. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for thank you so much!! Now the telescopes are much more visually imaginable. Thanks again! To all other posts, I have seen your reply but still think about it. I think 8" is a bit too heavy and big. 6" (here 5.5") seems like a better choice in terms of size and portability. This should conclude the post, thanks everyone and thank you erling for the scale+size comparison!
  5. Wow exactly what I was looking for. Wow that thing costs almost as much as the telescope!
  6. As stated in the OP Post there's no local Astro shop or an place where I could test / see a telescope (observatory or meet up etc...). Hm... Perhaps this is my call to build an android app with AR in order to see a telescope "in person" /in the room"
  7. Is it possible to unscrew the dobson base and replace it with a classic AZ tripod? I really don't want to carry a chair & table or bend my back 150° down on the ground to look through a cheap eyepiece.
  8. Good image, can you give me a scale or perhaps just measurements of the table, or camera height? I think I know this image from somewhere... 1-2km, I would rather not let my equipment (expensive I shall add) decay in the middle of nowhere to get a second bag of equipment. I mean is it that bad, that I can't carry the telescope in a bag in one hand and the tripod+eyepiece in the other? I don't need a chair... I think. Can someone recommend some newtonian telescopes which are portable + dso's + beginner adequate.
  9. Hi, I recently looked into telescope's & dso's again due to an interesting sight in the night sky . I wanted to get into telescope's etc... but my budget and other things got in the way. This time there's no budget limit (that doesn't mean I'm bill Gates though). My main concern is size since I will carry the telescope with my bare hands (bag). I don't have a local astronomy club or telescope shop around so I don't know if an 8" Newtonian is too bulky/big. Can someone post comparison pictures, if you have an 8" telescope (preferably newtonian, width and length)
  10. Hey, I'm currently trying to find the andromeda galaxy in the sky, some said it's hard to miss it due to its size and brightness, but I can't seem to find it even when using a map. The issue is rather what can we expect to see when viewing the Andromeda Galaxy through a regular pair of binoculars? Someone got an album of images ?
  11. Yes it was the brightest thing in the sky in the evening. In fact, before I looked at this object, I saw a different star in the sky from another room, very bright. When I pointed the map towards it, it displayed Venus and Uranus, so perhaps this was venus but my compass was just broken (highly likely). Thanks this should be closed now.
  12. Need a bit of help to narrow down what I see, I've wanted to buy a telescope a year ago but a couple of things stopped that decision. Saw a strong bright glowing star in the cloudless sky so I picked up my old binoculars laying around. I appended three images, one what my phone saw, secondly the raw image, thirdly a star map pointing towards the object (center-ish). I know it feels pretty laughable for s.o with an 8" GOTO + 5 yrs of experience, but maybe we can attempt to locate the object anyway ;) IMG_20200312_191702.dng
  13. Was researching what the biggest telescope in world is and discovered this image: At the bottom the Overwhelmingly Large Telescope which Europe cancelled sadly (we are good at this, I know) instead went on to built a miserly 39m telescope. With this giant circle and light sensitivity of ~70 (hubble: 61) its interesting to know what we would've seen? Appreciate every answer, though hyperthetical images are much more appreciated •√•
  14. Oh, I think I understand it now. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply and comment! regards
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