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  1. Could not agree more! I don't think I've even caught sight of the moon since april! I usually write off June,July and August - but would have hoped to get some scope time prior to the long days, Oh well - september isn't far off!
  2. Tripod snag Hmmm.....there's a thought, it was close to the leg, possibility I hadn't conidered. James - I'd never heard or even considered that - I follow the logic though. I think I just need another clear night to run some more work.....might be a long wait!
  3. I must admit I thought something might have slipped - but all was balanced when I broke down and cables were pretty clear. I've not experienced a flip before and have no idea what the effects would be - but this was one thought I had. The other possibility I'm think of is if the game pad rolled onto one of the joysticks (interestingly the scope would not park when done either). I should say that Chilli the Cat is not off the hook either! Despite this puzzling setback, I have to say it was a very useful session as it's the first time I've eqmod in anger with the game pad. I've also found out
  4. Well the clouds went away! Tomight I tried out a whole new bunch of stuff and thought I would have a go at M101. One of the key things I wanted to establish was how long I could make my exposures (using my new timer trigger thingy). So I pointed at M101 and set up for 2 minuite exposures. I fired of a test shot and was proper pleased with no noticable drift (polar alignment was probably the best I've done). So I dial in 30 shots all at 2 mins and the camera goes to work. When I review them something odd has happened. The first three exposures are bang on, the fourth sees the beginning of a w
  5. I've just found something else that works to - if you go to Solar System - Planet and tick Transparent line Mode (Occultations) it makes the objects fainter and the box will show up red (it's still faint though)
  6. Thanks Chris - I have seen that very video! Thought it would be something straight forward - time to paint the moon red.
  7. I remember this - I think I still have the NOT! book somewhere. Biro was another if i recall.
  8. There is probably a very straightforward answer to this.... I'm currently playing with Cartes Du Ciel with the view to having a go at a moon mosaic using EQMOD. I've sussed how to produce a finder rectangle for neximage, but when I select Finder Circle on the moon nothing was appearing. After a bit of fooling around with rectangle sizes and positioning it appears as if the rectangle is appearing behind the moon. Any ideas how to fix this - it's probably dead easy, but I can't for the life of me see how it works! Thanks Paul
  9. Absolutley - it has very much impressed me, I wish I had gone this route a long time ago!
  10. My EQDirect USB connector arrived yesterday and I spent a fun evening playing around with it indoors (cloudy). Very impressed by how easy it makes controlling the mount - I've always found the SynScan handset a bit unweildy. I have to say that it was remarkably easy to get working in the first place - I had expected a bit of a battle initially. Only area where I'm struggling is get EQMosaic to work with the finder circles in Cartes Du Ciel - but it was getting late at that point! Now anyone know where I can get a clear sky?
  11. I think they like to do it after dark - as they think no one will see them. We used to have a mad old lady up the road who used to do it a lot - people would even dump their rubbish behind her house so she could burn it for them. What really bugs me is that with the availability of brown bins and local recycling there should be no need to burn rubbish.
  12. I've begun to notice this as well - my sky is workable, but some nights the glow is present and others it's not. A couple of weeks ago I saw it deteriote over the course of an hour - there was no cloud, but the stars just got dimmer and the sky got lighter. Following morning we had a lot of mist -so moisture is a factor
  13. 'twas a pain, in the end I was able to use the time to catch up on a couple of other important tasks (namely The Sopranos and True Blood) so all was not lost. However I was amazed how much I smelt of smoke having only been out there for around 15 mins.
  14. We've had some good skies this week, but due to other commitments I have not been able to get out under them, until last night. As the moon was quite bright I thought I'd do a bit of luna imaging. So I got the scope set up and just as night falls two separate neighbours lit bonfires. So that was the end of my night!
  15. I think it will take the weight of the 150 and be fine for viewing- but I'm not entirely sure it will have enough stability for long exposure imaging.
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