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  1. I’m sure a lot of old hands know this but I thought I’d share this for the newbies like me. If you want to print your images use satin art paper. The results are about as close to what you see on screen as you will get on a home printer. I tried Matt, gloss and satin and the satin is good enough to hang.
  2. It’s 44 x 2 minute subs 20 darks and 30 flats. Unmodded Canon 80D Orion CF80T on an EQ5 with an Astronomik clip in LPS filter. Iso was 1600. Took 30 x 10 second subs for the core. Processed in Pixinsight then core applied with a layer mask in photoshop. Mark
  3. Finally had some clear skies Monday and managed to get some good data on M42. I think this is much better than my first attempt. Mark
  4. Without the wealth of knowledge available on this forum thanks to some very clever and generous people my first attempt would not have been worthy of posting. Its a testament to this forum and it’s members that a beginner like me can produce anything that looks even half way reasonable. So to everyone who in some way has contributed to the knowledge that I have gained from this forum you have my heartfelt thanks. Mark
  5. I’m using an ED80 triplet with an unmodded Canon 80D and EQ6 mount and an Astronomic CLS filter in heavily light polluted skies on the edge of London. The eggy stars in the corner are due to not having a flattener although one arrived today so hopefully my next images will have consistent stars all the way to the edges. I’m looking forward to December when Orion will be up much earlier and I can get some better data.
  6. So far it’s been pretty much all Andromeda and the moon for me. I did get 2 hours worth of M31 that I haven’t processed yet. I only got about an hour on Orion but I am pretty pleased with the result as I am still very much a beginner. I’m sure the old hands here can do much better with this data. I couldn’t have done this without the wonderful advice and information on this forum.
  7. I usually have trouble picking anything up on the screen in the M31 so I usually polar align then slew to a bright star to get my focus and then slew to andromeda. I use my finder to frame it then take a test shot to check the framing and then start imaging. Hope this helps.
  8. Where I am the seeing was horrendous last night and there were quite a few clouds so I didn’t even bother. However the Mrs decided to see what the fuss is all about so she went out with her DSLR and 300 mm lens. She got this image all on her own with no help from me and in terrible conditions. I think this not a bad first attempt particularly as the seeing was so bad the moon was like a pulsating blob.
  9. Great images Charl, alas the clouds rolled in tonight where I am.
  10. Added a bit of contrast and a little noise reduction and a very slight temperature change. Not sure at the moment if I prefer this version or the original. Would be interested in opinions as to which looks better.
  11. I already posted this in the beginners forum but figured it really belongs here. I think this is as good as I’m going to get with the current setup, ED80 with Canon 80D. I also took some footage with my gpcam2 but haven’t had time to process the AVI’s. I’ve kept the processing on this one to a minimum so it could possibly use some contrast but I like how it came out.
  12. Got a pic with the ED80 last night although the differences between this one and the 300mm lens are pretty subtle. Not sure I can take the moon any further without either a Barlow or a planetary cam. I did take some footage with my gpcam 2 but haven’t had tine to stack it yet.
  13. I think the star elongation in the corners is because I’m not using a field flattener. That’s my assumption but I’m still very new to this. I didn’t use flats for this and DBE did a great job on the gradient but there is a dust bunny that is hidden by the black clipping. I will give APP a try but my current plan is to take it so far in PI then finish off in PS. However that plan may change once I’ve tried the APP trial.
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