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  1. Nice images of Jupiter... I just need to get my setup done after seeing this.
  2. Cool.. thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll check out the Orion Optics VX6 scope. Main issue with the Mak is the FOV and aperture (getting aperture fever !! ). What about a f5 reflector like the Skywatcher Explorer 150P (750mm f5)? Heard they're quite good for viewing as well. Think I'll get some more practice on imaging Jupiter with the current conditions being favourable especially after seeing the images in that link...
  3. Hi I have a Skywatcher Mak 127 scope which has been fantastic for viewing planets and lunar. Had a great time observing Mars a while back and Jupiter recently and got into hunting double-stars. Now it's not the best scope for viewing DSOs (aperture of F11.81) but it does its bit. I'm looking to get a scope to complement the Mak. Unfortunately I don't have the storage space for a Dob (200P would be perfect), so am looking for smaller options. Probably something like an Explorer 150P (aperture of F5) or startravel 150?? Mainly will be used for DSO viewing, so what are your views and suggestions? Eventually I'd like to end up into imaging (mmmm Evostar 80ED) so will be bearing this in mind with the selection. Thanks
  4. My missus does look through my scope... unfortunately I now need another scope as I don't get a chance to view through it I've got my scope in the living room and so many guests who visit have commented on it and asked questions about it..
  5. Well...either way... I'm going to prepare a list of DSO's and double-stars that I'd like to see.
  6. Definately not looking at the top-end. My main priority would be eye relief and comfort. Been looking at the TMB clones (TS Planetary HR) and those look to be in the price-range of my liking. However can stretch to the WO SPL range.
  7. Had a look at images of the Baader Ortho 6mm... the eye-lens looks very small for me. Pentax is excluded due to cost. So looks like its a decision between the Williams Optics SPL 6mm or TS Planetary HR 6mm (or 7mm or maybe a 9mm).
  8. I'll have to find some images of the Baader Orthoscopic 6mm before deciding. Although the long eye relief on the Williams Optics SPL and Pentax XF are tempting.
  9. I don't want to change the focuser but was just going through the site and saw those focusers. And wasn't too sure what they were all about. Just curious.
  10. Hi, Has anyone managed to use these SCT focusers on their Skymax 127 scope? SCT Crayford focuser Modern astronomy also have a couple in their accessories section. Not even sure whether this is possible to use with the Skymax scopes but any info would be useful.
  11. Hmm.. that pentax XF 8.5mm is very tempting... I'll have to save up a bit for that one
  12. So I'm thinking of getting a decent high-power EP for my Skymax 127 scope. I've only used the supplied 10mm one twice as the view from it is very poor and the exit pupil lens size is very small for me to use comfortably (spectacles wearer). 8mm appears to be the pushing limit of this scope so I could get a decent barlow for my SW ExtraFlat 16mm and work with that. I'm trying to limit to the following EPs so if anyone has used them please let me know or recommend an alternative. Williams Optics SPL 12.5mm (or 6mm) Celestron X-Cel series 10mm (or 8mm)
  13. I've got some old cardboard wrapped up for use as a dew shield. Works fine although needs replacing now with some new card-board !
  14. Hi, I've got the same scope and mount and it is fantastic for viewing planets, double-stars and the mooooon The Goto is quite handy for viewing things quickly but the tripod provided is not very sturdy (In My Opinion) However it's a f11 scope and it's not the best for viewing deep space objects which is why i'm considering getting a Skywatcher Explorer 150P (f5) to complement the Skymax 127. I've just received my adaptor to connect my Nikon DSLR to the scope directly so will be experimenting with astrophotography as well. Goto electronics add up to the purchase cost and additionally you would require a power supply of some sort (Powertank, AA batteries) to lug around with you. Hope I've not confused things. B
  15. Just figured it out when you mentioned "...I use shutter priority..." The dial on my camera was set tp Apeture and I had to set it to Manual. It all started working... Thanks for the 'lightbulb moment' Archie.
  16. Focus switch is on Manual already. Just been reading some google search results and looks like non-CPU lens (like the t-ring) don't work with my D90.
  17. Hi all, I've recently received my Nikon-mount T-ring for my DSLR (Nikon D90) however when I connect it up, I get the error F-- I know that the error is related to the lens communicating pins but I can't figure out why this error is occuring. How have others with a Nikon D90 managed to get their DSLR working?
  18. Hey Geoff welcome to SGL How the viewing from your scope been?
  19. Hi and welcome Lezah definately recommend the two items Dave has suggested.
  20. When I bought my Skymax 127 I considered getting a powertank from Maplins. But since I was only going to be observing from home, I decided to get a AC/DC Multivoltage Power Supply instead.. Link below ACDC MultiVoltage 20W Power Supply : Multi Voltage Power Supplies : Maplin
  21. Definately a good night. The Orion nebula was much clearer than other time's I've observed. Even the wife was quite impressed ...Then the clouds came marching in...
  22. All my EPs, power adaptor etc are in a shoe box that constantly seems to disappear and setting up the scope involves 15-20 mins of 'Find The Shoebox" (like Benny Hill show). Bits in there are EPs Power adaptor cleaning cloths red-light torch old Finderscope 2 bags of silica gel
  23. I keep an eye on this website to see what the weather is going to be like and plan my viewings accordingly. http://www.sat24.com/gb You're going to really enjoy viewing through the MAK127 telescope, especially viewing the Moon and Jupiter at the moment.
  24. Currently it's a fight between some binoculars or a new f2.8 lens for my Nikon DSLR.
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