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  1. Hi Ross from another in South Wales, your images are great and clearly show your photographic skill. I must warn you that Astrophotography is an addictive hobby that will likely stress you bank balance and sanity at times, but definitely worth the commitment. Welcome to SGL, I am sure with the pedigree of your images you will have a great time. There is a wealth of experience on this forum that will alleviate the many frustrating periods you will encounter.


  2. Hi,

    The fine and course adjustments are with the same three bolts.  Using a Polemaster I found the PA was within 20 arc/secs. So far I have found the mount tracks ok without any further adjustment. Once I boot the system I unpark the mount and command a platesolve and sync which takes about 20 secs, following the solve I have found the mount takes 2, very occasionally 3 platesolves following a slew to centre the target. Note I use SGP centre to target and have set 2 pixel accuracy. 

    Enjoy your new mount you won’t regret it.

  3. Hi John,

    It looks to me like your dome or sidewalls are not quite circular which is causing the drive motor to to skip. Can you disengage the motor and try rotating the dome by hand to check for tight spots.

    While my dome drive mechanism is different I have a couple of tight spots that were overcome by increasing tension on the drive wheels. 

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  4. Hi John,

    Sorry for the slow response, been busy building a very large retaining wall. Dave’s representation of the Mesu Mount points above is correct with my experience. I used the same spreadsheet to get initial settings, but in application had to adjust the GEM offset value to get the best scope-dome slot fit in my Dome.

    My values are only representative of my mount centre line position giving N/S, E/W and U/D offsets and the Gem offset value to the centre line of your scope. 

    There is no risk to your equipment other than the scope not aligning with your dome slot. I used Ascom POTH to set AZ&EL goto commands for the scope and mount to check the alignment initially. Let me know if you have further questions.


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  5. I used my ODK14” in the 2.2M dome. It was fine although there were a couple of positions where I noticed the slot was slightly misaligned and the scope partially shaded, not too much that it spoilt the session. Just couldn’t fit the dew shield.



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  6. While originally offset south for my LX200, I needed  to centre the pier within the Pulsar 2.2M dome for my CEM120EC2. During commissioning I needed to make slight adjustment to the dome control GEM offset value to find the best alignment. 

    To find the best setting I plotted the scope alignment to the dome slot by slewing the mount/dome to positions of Azimuth (every 20degrees 0-360) and elevation (10,20,40,60,80 degrees) using POTH in Ascom. While tedious, in the end I managed to get a good compromise where the scope was hardly shaded by the dome.

    Perhaps one of the mathematical experts here can explain why the dome geometry model for GEM didn’t seem to work as accurately for CEM mounts. 

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  7. Thanks John, this will likely be my first print job. I plan to build an all sky camera and interestingly have a spare Qhy 5L- that needs reassigning. I was thinking I might try one of the all sky lenses that came with my ZWO 120 cameras. Yet another project for the schedule.

  8. Hi John,

    Congratulations with your first printing experience and successful outcome. May I enquire if your STF file is available for others?  

    I also recently acquired a 3D printer but sadly have not yet set it up.  The recent good weather resulted in Astro payback and my wife generated a substantial list of building and maintenance work that I am progressing.

    I look at the printer repeatedly but must resist. Soon my precious you and I will build a new world. 😳


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