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  1. You might like to consider an ASIAIR and remote focuser, (mini computer with all software to give plug and play equipment imaging) an easy way to create a fully automated imaging setup. Note it will only work with ZWO equipment i.e EAF focuser, CMOS imaging/guide cameras. But it will work with other makes of DSLR cameras, you will need to check it will work with your DSLR’s. Once put together the whole rig is controlled from an apple or android device using the ASI App, I believe there is software to run apps within a PC. I have included an image of my mobile setup using the ASIAIR,
  2. Xsubmariner


    Hi Gary, welcome to SGL a good repository for words of wisdom much needed when starting out in this hobby. Might I suggest you start with some generic searches to extract information that will greatly help in avoiding early mistakes with buying your first equipment setup. Enjoy.
  3. Hi Junare, and welcome to SGL. Looking forward to reading your future contributions.
  4. The telescope is a SW 200p, a pervious original owner acquired it with the Neq5 which he upgraded to an NEQ6. I then acquired the Scope and NEQ6 from him and the like new scope has sat in my store ever since.
  5. Xsubmariner

    Hi from UK

    Welcome to SGL, you will find many like minded members who aspire to capture and process quality Astro photographs. It is a great hobby that can be addictive and frustrating at the same time.
  6. Hi and welcome to the SGL forum. Enjoy your new hobby.
  7. Image looks great and interesting re-configuration of the lens. Nice to see the camera getting used by an expert.
  8. Quite a wide statement, is your question targeting the U.K. or holidays world wide?
  9. Haha, I like it. tempted to change my name to Mr Overkill. Some might say this retaining wall I built last month falls into the same category. A great location for another observatory, but alas my wife would do a “Kill Bill” on me.
  10. Hi And a warm welcome to SGL, the ZWO1600 coupled with an Esprit will provide an good image capture setup may I enquire what mount will drive the kit?
  11. You can’t beat a 1 m square by 4’ deep lump of concrete. It is future proof should you upgrade your mount and pier in the future. Not a Huge cost increase but better than having to start from scratch should you decide to upgrade to a high load Astrophotography setup in the future.
  12. Hi Matt, welcome to SGL. I hope you get the mount sorted and commence your journey into Astrophotography.
  13. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread, your engineering and construction skills are most impressive. The finished observatory is wonderful, reflecting a high attention to detail and quality finish. You have my admiration and definitely earned a party.
  14. Unless we are talking very high specification specialist equipment I would always go with the matched focuser/reducer where available, thereby removing the possibility of mismatch problems.
  15. Welcome to SGL, it starts with a DLSR then....... who knows where it will end. Very addictive hobby you’ve started.
  16. Just to get back on topic a picture of my latest Frac and yes it came with a handle should you be interested.
  17. I’ve just purchased my 2nd ZWO1600mm pro and until ZWO market a better mono cmos for less than £2k it is still a very good value for money camera.
  18. Reviewing the list of equipment your father was building a very nice imaging setup and it is great that you intend learning to use the equipment. May I offer a simple review of the equipment and it’s function. Eq6-R-Pro : Ideal Editorial (EQ) Mount well suited to the chosen equipment weight and portability, able to deliver the necessary tracking accuracy to support long exposure imaging for Deep Sky Objects (DSO) ie galaxies, Nebula. Also a good imaging mount with Goto (ability to automatically put the telescope on a chosen sky object - once aligned) capability. William Optics 1
  19. Hi Adam, absolutely agree that the choice of calibration frames collected is down to personal preference and what an individual wants from their images.
  20. Yes, I use the last focus position for all my filters. Yes it is a compromise to the perfect world, but one that is acceptable to the quality of image I am seeking. The problem is there have been so few ideal clear nights available these last couple of years and I am getting no younger.
  21. All my filters were clean and clear of dust when I closed the filter wheel and yet all of them have collected some dust on the filters, some more than others. Note my kit includes Atik, ZWO and Starlight filterwheels, note none are immune. It depends on what level of imaging you wish to achieve. I always create flats for each of the filters in the wheel that were used in the data collection. If I am too tired to create the flats at the end of the collection night, I generate them the next day before the system is used again and focus altered. There are many threads on the forum that
  22. Hi and welcome to SGL.
  23. Hi Steve and welcome to SGL, you will find the world of Astrophotography exciting.
  24. Windows 10. All I want is a computer operating system, not one that constantly tries to integrate my accounts, data and grab information disguised as a software update at inappropriate times, even outside the scheduled update slot I have set.
  25. Xsubmariner

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    Wellcome to SGL, you will find a wealth of Astro knowledge and expertise resides in the forum.
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