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  1. 1 hour ago, Stuf1978 said:


    Additionally I don't have pixinsight so everything would need to be stacked in DSS and processed in photoshop . 

    Hi Surf,

    Pixinsight has a steep learning curve and starting mono imaging can be demanding.  I would recommend anyone starting out to use a simple processing application that will give good images, quickly.  Its all to easy for people to become disillusioned when they struggle with the software. I started out with Nebulosity 4.0 which is very intuitive, then migrated to pixinsight once my skills were ready for a more complex process.

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  2. I purchased the original ZWO filters with my 1600mm-cool a few years back and while there are plenty of threads that discuss the issues, I found them fine for my first excursion into mono imaging and they will produce very good images. The new Mk2 ZWO filters you would be getting if buying new, are an improvement and great value for someone transitioning to mono imaging and wanting to offset the cost.

    Yes there are better filters but they come at a cost.

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  3. Hi Stan, welcome to SGL and a fascinating hobby. As your experience and knowledge increases so will your equipment collection. With most things in life there needs to be balance, so your bank account and savings will diminish proportionally.

  4. Hi Steve, I have a few ZWO cameras and several other brands, of them all ZWO has been the easiest to install reference the drivers. You should have no problem with Windows 10. There are lots of guides and tutorials on the web that will help should you find a problem.

    Enjoy your new camera.


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  5. My Altair Astro 250TT (GSO 10” ver2 truss ) has a back focus of 230mm from the back plate. Yours may vary slightly but it’s a good place to start.  If you are new to this type of scope, be prepared to find a lot more fiddling is needed to get it just right for your imaging train.  I have a 3” feather-touch fitted and used it with my SX36 full frame camera, so your cameras will present similar fun. Getting the guiding right with an OAG (loadstarX2) was problematic given the prism is on the edge/outside the flat field (due to sensor size), this resulted in guide stars that are elongated which compounded the usual seeing challenges. No a problem if you have an ONAG or are fortunate to have an unguided Mount, in the end I settled for using a smaller sensor with this scope.

    Good luck with your scope, you will learn a lot configuring your new setup.


  6. I experience the same problem with my SX FW. Once I’ve completed the system power up, the FW spins up, then when I select the FW maintenance box in SGP all appears ok until I attempt to connect the FW in SGP, when it hangs. Unplugging and reconnecting the USB on the FW solves the problem and everything then works fine. Both of my active USB 3 extension cables have independent DC supplies, suggesting it is not a signal level issue. More likely a port connection conflict in the PC.

  7. Hi, 

    Your ESO naming is definitely appropriate and your innovative solutions to enable this mount are Impressive. My Mesu Mk 2 with it’s CW bar fit snugly into my 2.2M Pulsar Dome so I am not dependant on a home arrangement just yet, but will be very interested in any solution to support such an arrangement for my ROR observatory.

    I operate my Mesu using only plate-solving and it guides great using PHD2 without the need for a Sky or PEC model. How are you planning to operate your mount?


  8. Hi, 

    A more thorough clear out means the following are for sale.

    Please Note prices do not include postage.

    Astronomik OIII filter no:30010958 (1.25), excellent clean unmarked condition -£75

    Astronomik Ha filter no:90010055 (1.25), excellent clean unmarked condition -£75

    Meade LPI pro2 mono Camera (non TEC cooling) & AE 5 position (1.25) manual filter wheel, very good fully working condition £130

    Thanks for looking




















  9.   I have a 10” RC and fitted a heater element to the secondary mirror base and have a large dew heater wrapped around the body in line with the primary. You will need to re-collimate the scope if you fit a secondary heater. My advice is to pay for a secondary heater at point of purchase, hopefully Your supplier could then fit one and re-collimate before delivery. You may be lucky where you are that you don’t suffer dewing, mine did so I had to fit a heater.

  10. Sale pending to Richard - Following a clear-out my Skywatcher Explorer 200P is for sale. Scope is in excellent condition with a minor scratch on the body -see picture. Mirror is clean and unmarked. I do have the scopes packaging but would be uncomfortable posting unless the buyer accepts the risk and at their cost. £115






  11. Having sorted my equipment store the following items are for sale:

    Note all prices are plus postage.

    Celestron Astromaster Accessory kit £20 - Sold

    Laser Collimator £20-Sold

    5 x 1.25 manual filter wheel £30 - SOLD

    Meade Photo/visual filter (1.25) set (blue boxed) RGB/yellow/moon £20 -SOLD

    Meade individual filter (1.25) set IR/RGB + Lunar&planetary £30 -SOLD 

    thanks for looking.












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  12. +1 for Baader filters. I have 2 sets of 2” Badder filters and am happy with them at my level and stage of imaging. I would recommend going for 2” units if you want longevity as they will support a good range of sensor sizes. Unless you need all seven filters in one wheel, then 1-1/4 will work provided it supports your camera sensor.

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