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  1. After receiving my Geoptik weights I excitedly set about installing my new mount, a Mesu 200 Mk2. Here are my initial thoughts, I hope you find some part beneficial.

    I have always wanted a Mesu but shied away because of cable snag concern with unattended dome operation. This new mount removed my prime concern and I think demonstrates Lucas has been listening to his Mount users. 


    Minor alterations to my pier top plate (drill & tap 3 holes) and the mount wedge is easily fitted. My wedge is specified for Lat 52.  The assembled mount is then fitted to the wedge by 3x12mm SS bolts. These 3 bolts are also used for polar alignment adjustment. With the counterweight bar fitted there was only 10cm gap with the ring of my 2.2M dome.

    I use a Polemaster or Sharpcap/camera for PA. So for this mount I utilised an Ioptron adapter plate to fit the polemaster camera, 6xSS washers and job done, kind of looks neat as well.

    While I have never operated an original Mesu 200, I was aware of the importance of good mount balance. Whereas the original Mesu has permanently coupled motors the new unit has motors that can be de-clutched. Simply rotating the motor by a little black knob, it is either coupled or decoupled from the friction drive. Mount locks are also fitted to both axis plates and 180 degree rotation locks/unlocks the drive plate. I made a note to check locks are disengaged before the operating mount. I will fix some labels indicating the lock and unlock positions.

    Threading service cables through the mount was a pleasure. None of the angst of my other mounts, this was simplicity itself. Given the available space, I shouldn’t need to fit DC distribution, USB hubs and PCs piggyback style.

    I balanced my WO Gtf81 setup, its lightweight and short focal length were ideal for initial testing. During the balancing with motors disengaged I noticed some very light resistance (probably the friction drive) so don’t expect the finesse of a CEM.  Overall the task was quick, easy and don’t foresee any problem balancing heavier loads. 

    Software:The Mesu 200 MKII uses the Sitech Controller I for mount control. While new to this controller and software the download and installation was straightforward.  Thanks to Steve Richards excellent “Mesu 200 Quick Guide to Installation” the task of configuring the SiTech software for the mount was simply a case of following the guide. 

    Of note, Lucas Mesu pre-configures the Servo configuration file for the mount and these setting must not be changed, the only minor alterations are to the owner’s local settings. I completed the installation by backing up the configuration files. 


    Next Commissioning.






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  2. Jonk,

    That is a nice SS billet you have there to work the weights. May I PM a request for your source? I have just taken receipt of 3 Geoptik 10kg CW for my mk 2, but plan to replace with SS weights at some point.

    I opted for a wedge to fit to my existing observatory pier and will consider a bent knee pier replacement, once I can be assured the package will fit and operate within my 2.2M dome.

    The engineering design and manufacture of your adapters is excellent, you must be a professional engineer.

    looking forward to your next update.

  3. Hi,

    I thought some of you might like to see the revised Saddle Plate for the new Mk11 Mesu 200.

    Having received it this morning direct from Lucas, the fit and finish is excellent and it compliments the mount nicely. Once I receive the modified weights from Geoptik, I hope to install and commission the mount. 

    New to the Mesu and Sitech controllers, it is likely I will need some advice and hope this forum will be kind enough to assist. 

    Saddle pictures, regards Martin





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  4. Thanks Vlaiv Hi Vlaiv & Bryan,

    Thanks for your feedback.  Bryan: no the edge is several years old although I have only had it for 6 months, installed in ROR observatory in January.

    Vlaiv: there are no overhead obstructions and I image with a heated dewshield where cable is away from scope plate. I will check earlier Sbig images to see if they were present.

    thanks again for your continued support, it is much appreciated.


  5. Hi,

    Please can anyone help with suggestions on the likely source of some diffraction spikes I am experiencing when imaging with my C11 edge/0.7 reducer/S.L. maxi wheel with OAG/Baader2” filters/SX-36 setup.

    The spikes can clearly be seen in the uncalibrated picture below. They were present only fainter in some Atik 383 images I took earlier in the month.

    I removed and examined the reducer and it looked fine. 

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated before I attempt a strip down of the scope.

    thanks Martin




  6. Hi, thought I might introduce myself. Started Astronomy about 2 years ago and soon realised years of physical sport limited my ability to enjoy visual. Due to the lack of an integrated chair mount that would enable me to view longer than 20 secs, I migrated to an imagery based hobby and was seduced into the dark art of astrophotography. True to form, both feet now in a big hole and loving the mental stimulation, though have noticed a slight increase in frustration and sizeable reduction in my bank balance.  With so much to learn, I hope you guys and girls are able to impart some of your wisdom and tolerate what will be some stupid questions. I believe there is no such thing as a stupid suestion, only people who will not ask them.

    Thanks again and looking forward to sharing with you.  Martin

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