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  1. the stars look like eggs, could there be bad guiding? It also appears in 30 sec exp
  2. If you look at your first version, I think it looks much better.
  3. Should you get rid of the blue "ring" I think you best do this by editing this as much as possible before you merge the filters. I have the best results in this way. The star itself looks nice, but it's around the stars that are a bit weird. I'm also struggling with this sometimes.
  4. What I mean is the strong blue halo around all blue stars. think this interferes with the dynamics of the image and that these stars look unnatural. But this is only my opinion
  5. I think the stars get a little too strong blue strength.It's those strong stars that get the most and first attention when you look at the picture(big picture ).Try too make a blue color mask, and tone the color down
  6. Yes, there was a little gradient there, I did not see this before the picture was finished, so I cut it off. I should have removed this before stretching, but forgot it. I can take a new round on this tonight.
  7. Then I have made a version of this as well. Great data and work with. and thank you for sharing this with us Made a soft versjon without any sharpness
  8. Thanks? I have to teach my star mask better. Unfortunately, I can not and use PS. I only use PI in my pictures. My impatience is also bad, so I never spend more than 20 minutes on a picture ?
  9. Created a new version. I've tried to bring more of the contrasts and colors in the picture. I find it hard to make the stars beautiful and clear.
  10. Thanks for the nice feedback Gøran. I might be a little too careful when I look at your photos. I will try and make a new version, as I see my preview became a bit "boring" compared to yours and all others.
  11. My try SHO AIP scrip pixinsight Try too make Good star colour
  12. maging telescope or lens:TS130 f6 Imaging camera:G3-16200 Mount:10Micron Software:Pixinsight SkyEyE Observatory R=50%HA+50%SII G=14%HA+89%OIII B=100% OIII Resolution: 1419x1686 Frames: 800x300"
  13. Very simple explained Uses a program called Pixinsight to stack all images. Each image is 300 seconds. The equipment is intended for astro photography
  14. Imaging telescope or lens:TS Optics Photoline 130 f/6.62 Imaging camera:Moravian G3-16200 Mount:10 Micron GM2000 HPS II UP Guiding telescope or lens:TS Optics Photoline 130 f/6.62 Focal reducer:APM Riccardi 0.75x Integration: 14.3 hours
  15. Hi and thank you for your feedback. I have used a software called straton, and adjust with div starmask in Pixinsight . Lot of work?
  16. Imaging telescope or lens:TS130 f6 Imaging camera:G3-16200 Mount:10Micron 120x600 HA Remote hosting at e-EyE in Extremadura, spain SkyEyE Observatory
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